Focus of Lalit Narayan Mithila University is on offering and strengthening innovative academic programmes in emerging interdisciplinary areas of different faculties with quality provisions to contribute to the growth of the knowledge. In our quest to make University India’s most energetic and responsive University, following priority based areas have been identified for actions:

  • Teaching and Learning: Create conducive environment for an interactive and application oriented experiential learning.
  • Research: Foster research orientation in students and faculty in basic and applied areas in all its disciplines.
  • Consultancy Services: Take academic proficiency to corporate and community by providing cost effective solutions.
  • People: Make Lalit Narayan Mithila University a preferred destination for work and study.
  • Global perspective: Encompass a national and international viewpoint into teaching, research and consultancy.
  • Good Governance: Bring transparency and accountability in University’s administration, operations.
  • Social Relevance: Position itself as a catalyst in social change.
  • Entrepreneurial Culture: Nurture entrepreneurial capabilities to accelerate growth.
  • Sports and Culture: Provide ample opportunities to develop sportsmanship and love for culture and national heritage.
  • Linkage with the industries for the promotion of science and technology.
  • Design and launch academic programmes which may transform the social, economic condition of the people leading to the intellectual, academic and cultural development.


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