Notice12-04-2017 Notification No- XC-583-605-17 icon_pdf
Notice20-04-2017Notice related to Geriatric Consultancyicon_pdf
Notice19-04-2017Notification No- XC-989-1029-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-04-2017स्नातक तृतीय खंड परीक्षा, 2017 के लिए परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क जमा करने संबंधी अधिसूचना।-icon_pdf
Letter07-04-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Shiv Narayan Yadav in the Faculty of Social Science-minicon_pdf
Notice07-04-2017Meeting of Approval Seniority and Pay-fixation Committee to be held on 10-04-2017 at 12-30 PMicon_pdf
Notice07-04-2017Meeting of Affiliation and New Teaching Programme Committee to be held on 10-04-2017icon_pdf
Notice31-03-2017Notification No- 5365-77-17 icon_pdf
Letter06-04-2017Regarding fee structure for PhD students of SAARC Countriesicon_pdf
Letter31-03-2017मूल उपाधि को सारणियन पंजी से मिलान कत्र्ता के रूप में नियुक्ति के सम्बन्ध मेंicon_pdf
Notice 03-04-2017Notification No- 5529-34-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-04-2017Notification No- XC-05-15-17 icon_pdf
Notice06-04-2017Notification No- XC-100-10-17 icon_pdf
Notice31-03-2017Notification No- XC-28697-740-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Corrigendum No- 5180-244-17icon_pdf
Notice1-04-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 11.04.2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice31-03-2017बकाया पेंशन भुगतान हेतु सूचना एवं प्रपत्रicon_pdf
Notice 31-03-2017Notification No- XC-28697-740-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Meeting of the Approval Seniority and Pay-fixation Committee to be held on 30-03-2017icon_pdf
Notice30-03-2017पी0 एच0 डी0 पुनर्पंजीयन के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice29-03-2017Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility & viability alongwith infrastructure for proposed Evening College - Lalbagh Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Notification No- XC-28438-45-17icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Notification No- XC-28446-52-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Notification No- XC-28459-68-17 icon_pdf
Office Order 27-03-2017Office order No- Dev-53-58-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017Notification No- 4978-83-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Notification No- Est-2171-75-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-03-2017Notification No- Est-2176-79-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017Notification regarding assume the charge of the office of the Vice-Chancelloricon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017PhD Result of Apurba Kumar Roy - Englishicon_pdf
Notice18-03-2017PhD Result of Devajit Dutta - Historyicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017PhD Result of Jyoti Verma - Psychologyicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017PhD Result of Kumari Uma - Home Scienceicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017PhD Result of Madhulika Kumari - Musicicon_pdf
Notice24-03-2017PhD Result of Mahtab Alam Khan - Urduicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017PhD Result of Md Aftab Alam - Urduicon_pdf
Notice24-03-2017PhD Result of Nishant Kumar Jha - Economicsicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017PhD Result of Rajiv Kumar - Economicsicon_pdf
Notice24-03-2017PhD Result of Wasia Irfana - Urduicon_pdf
Notice23-03-2017Programme and Centre for Conducting B Tech 1st Semester (Session 2016-20) Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice16-03-2017PhD Result of Anand Kunwar - Englishicon_pdf
Notice16-03-2017PhD Result of Arbind Kumar Jha - Englishicon_pdf
Notice11-03-2017PhD Result of Daya Nand Jha - Maithiliicon_pdf
Notice17-03-2017PhD Result of Hari Narayan Sahu - Sanskriticon_pdf
Notice17-03-2017PhD Result of Md Monauwar Alam - Urduicon_pdf
Notice11-03-2017PhD Result of Om Prakash Tiwari - Educationicon_pdf
Notice11-03-2017PhD Result of Sharwan Kumar - Educationicon_pdf
Notice 16-03-2017Notification No- 4360-87-17icon_pdf
Notice17-03-2017Re-constitute an Enquiry Committee to enquire into the allegations levelled against Dr. Badre Alam Khan icon_pdf
Notice17-03-2017Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability to start B Ed course in Sonavati College of Education-minicon_pdf
Notice11-03-2017Notification No- 4316-21-17 icon_pdf
Notice16-03-2017Notification No- 4354-59-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2017PhD Result of Amrita Mullick - Zoologyicon_pdf
Notice04-03-2017PhD Result of Gopal Chand Chouhan - Englishicon_pdf
Notice03-03-2017PhD Result of Kapildeo Kumar - Historyicon_pdf
Notice02-03-2017PhD Result of Kumari Minakshi - Englishicon_pdf
Notice02-03-2017PhD Result of Kumari Shachi - Zoologyicon_pdf
Notice10-03-2017PhD Result of Manish Kumar - A I Hicon_pdf
Notice10-03-2017PhD Result of Md Khursheed Alam - Political Scienceicon_pdf
Notice27-02-2017PhD Result of Md Nurul Hassan - Englishicon_pdf
Notice03-03-2017PhD Result of Nayan Kumar Prasad - Zoologyicon_pdf
Notice07-03-2017PhD Result of Pankaj Kumar - Chemistryicon_pdf
Notice07-03-2017PhD Result of Ram Pravesh Thakur - Sanskrit-icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2017PhD Result of Sanjay Kumar - Hindiicon_pdf
Notice03-03-2017PhD Result of Sanjay Kumar Jha - Geographyicon_pdf
Notice28-02-2017PhD Result of Sanjay Tewari - Sociologyicon_pdf
Notice08-03-2017PhD Result of Shrividya - Zoologyicon_pdf
Letter16-03-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Sarika Kumari in the Faculty of Social Scienceicon_pdf
order18-03-2017Office Order No- 4559-70-17 Date- 18-03-2017icon_pdf
Notice19-03-2017Cancellation of Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 19-01-2017icon_pdf
Corrigendum 16-03-2017Corrigendum No- LNMU-R-01-CR-970-79-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2017Notification No- LNMU-I-c (Arts & Com)-3829-37-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-03-2017Notification No- LNMU-I-c (Arts & Com)-3848-53-17 icon_pdf
Corrigendum 07-03-2017Corrigendum No- 3842-47-17 icon_pdf
Letter06-03-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Sazia Rahman in the Faculty of Scienceicon_pdf
Notice03-03-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 19-03-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice02-03-2017Notification No- 3308-13-17 icon_pdf
Notice02-03-2017Notification No- 3314-19-17 icon_pdf
Notice28-02-2017Constitute a Committee to enquire into the facts in respect of the representation of Dr Shashi Bhushan Kumar-icon_pdf
Notice28-02-2017Constitute the Selection Committee to Appointment of the Principal and Faculty Members for conducting two years B Ed Course in A N D College Shahpur Patori Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice27-02-2017Regarding Authorisation of Deputy Registrar - IIicon_pdf
Notice28-02-2017Notification No- 3004-12-17icon_pdf
Notice28-02-2017Notification No- 3094-3100-17 icon_pdf
Notice25-02-2017Constitute a Cell to comply with the communications-information sought by the Bihar Legislative Assembly-Bihar Legislative Council-Lokayukta-Human Rights Commissions for timely submissionicon_pdf
Notice27-02-2017Notification No- XC-26931-41-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2017Notification No- XC-26946-60-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-02-2017Revised Programme of LLB Part -Iicon_pdf
Notice 21-02-2017Notification No- UB-750-93-17 icon_pdf
Notice21-02-2017"बिहार राज्य विश्वविद्यालय अधिनियम 1976 (संशोधित) की धारा 57 B के तहत सम्बद्ध डिग्री महाविद्यालय में दिनांक 19.04.2007 के पूर्व बिहार कॉलेज सेवा आयोग की अनुशंसा के बगैर नियुक्त शिक्षकों के मामले की समीक्षा 28 फरवरी 2017 तक पूरी करने के संबंध में।"icon_pdf
Notice 20 - 02 - 2017Notification No- XC - 26784 - 95 - 17 icon_pdf
Notice 20-02-2017Notification No- XC-26784-95-17icon_pdf
Notice17-02-2017PhD Result of Annu Kumari - Home Science-minicon_pdf
Notice17-02-2017PhD Result of Anuradha Saini - Home Scienceicon_pdf
Notice17-02-2017PhD Result of Farhat Jahan - Urduicon_pdf
Notice14-02-2017PhD Result of Santosh Kumar Jha - Sanskriticon_pdf
Notice17-02-2017Programme for Conducting B Ed (Old Course) Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice15-02-2017Programme and Centre List for conducting MBA 1st Semester (Session 2016-18) Examinationicon_pdf
Notice15-02-2017Revised Programme for Conducting LLB Part -I Examination 2016icon_pdficon_pdf
Notice15-02-2017Notification No- XC-25343-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2017Notification No- 2489-94-17 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2017Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-608-17 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2017Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-609-17 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2017Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-610-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2017Notification No- SC-346-80-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2017Notification No- SC-381-415-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2017Notification No- SC-416-50-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2017Notification No- SC-451-85-17 icon_pdf
Notice09-02-2017Notification No- XC-25097-105-17 icon_pdf
Letter04-20-2017Extension for PhD-DLit Registration of Saroj Kumar Singh in the Faculty of Scienceicon_pdf
Notice07-02-2017Notification No- SC-220-39-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-02-2017Notification No- SC-240-59-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-02-2017Notification No- SC-260-79-17 icon_pdf
Notice8-02-2017List of Pensioners whose pension is not fixed till dateicon_pdf
Notice7-02-2017PhD Result of Binod Kumar Mandal - Sociologyicon_pdf
Notice7-02-2017D Litt Result of Dr Pratibha Gupta - Englishicon_pdf
Notice7-02-2017PhD Result of Satyajeet Manik - Sanskriticon_pdf
Notice28-01-2017PhD Result of Dipti Verma - AIHA & Cultureicon_pdf
Notice06-02-2017PhD Result of Gopal Sahu - Commerceicon_pdf
Notice25-01-2017PhD Result of Sabita Kumari - Home Scienceicon_pdf
Notice04-02-2017Notification No- 1939-52-17 icon_pdf
Notice4-02-2017कुलपति महोदय का कार्यक्रमicon_pdf
Notice02-02-2017Notification No- 1909-21-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-01-2017Notification No- XC - 22971-17 icon_pdf
Notice 24-1-2017Notification No- XC-22971-82-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-01-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 01-02-2017 at 02-30 PMicon_pdf
Notice25-01-2017PhD Result of Damodar Shastri - Sanskriticon_pdf
Notice18-01-2017Notification No- 1173-81-17 icon_pdf
Notice18-01-2017Office Order No- 1163-72-17 icon_pdf
Notice18-01-2017PhD Result of Siddharth Arya - Economicsicon_pdf
Notice18-01-2017PhD Result of Sunanda Singh - Chemistryicon_pdf
Notice19-01-2017Notification No- XC-22689-98-17 Date- 19-01-2017icon_pdf
Notice17-01-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 23-01-2017 at 04 PMicon_pdf
Letter17-01-2017AIU Letter Regarding Anveshan - Student Research Conventions-icon_pdf
Notice13-01-2017PhD Result of Iqbal Ahmad - Political Sciencicon_pdf
Notice11-01-2017PhD Result of Naresh Kumar - Psychologicon_pdf
Notice13-01-2017PhD Result of Sanjay Kumar - English-icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2017PhD Result of Sanjeev Kumar - Psychology-icon_pdf
Notice09-01-2017PhD Result of Shailendra Kumar Jha - Englishicon_pdf
Notice11-01-2017Programme for B Tech (IT-CSE) 6th Semester (Session 2013-17) Practical & Viva-voce Examination-min (1)icon_pdf
Notice27-12-2016Notification No- XC-21255-75-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2017Constitute a Committee to verify the lists of admitted students of 1st Year BDS Course during the session 2016-17 in Dental Colleges-minicon_pdf
Letter12-01-2017स्नातक प्रथम खण्ड (प्रतिष्ठा-सामान्य) कला, विज्ञान एवं वाणिज्य पाठ्यचर्या सत्र- 2016-17 में पंजीयन के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2017Notification No- 503-40-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2017Notification No- 541-78-17 icon_pdf
Notice10-01-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 14-01-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice05-01-2017Meeting of Senate to be held on 25-01-2017 at 10 AMicon_pdf
Notice03-01-2017Admission in PG course in concerned subjects in the session 2016-18icon_pdf
Notice04-01-2017विश्वविद्यालय प्राँगण थाना के आवासीय - गैर आवासीय भवन निर्माण हेतु भूमि उपलब्ध कराने हेतु गठित 5 सदस्यीय समिति की बैठक आयोजित करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2017पी0 आर0टी0 2016 उत्तीर्ण कोर्स वर्क हेतु चयनित अभ्यर्थियों के नामांकन के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice29-12-2016PhD Result of Anshu Bhawana - Zoologyicon_pdf
Notice30-12-2016PhD Result of Barun Kumar Jha - Englishicon_pdf
Notice23-12-2016PhD Result of Kumari Supriya - Sociologyicon_pdf
Notice29-12-2016PhD Result of Prashant - A I H C & Archicon_pdf
Notice22-12-2016PhD Result of Rani Choudhary - Sanskriticon_pdf
Notice30-12-2016PhD Result of Ravi Kumar - Englishicon_pdf
Notice22-12-2016PhD Result of Suman Kumar Lal Karna - Sociologyicon_pdf
Notice02-01-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 05-01-2017icon_pdf
Notice 01-01-2017Notification No- XC-21317-40-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-12-2016Constitute an enquiry committee to enquire into the allegations levelled by CA Rajeev Ranjan regarding misappropriating the grants released by the UGC and State Governmenticon_pdf
Notice24-12-2016Notification No- 11428-44-16 icon_pdf
Notice26-12-2016The Discipline Committee has been pleased to suspend Dr Mohan Mishra Associate Professor - Department of History - C M College - Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice21-12-2016Important Notice No- 20961-72-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-12-2016PhD Result of Kumari Madhavi - Home Scienceicon_pdf
Notice19-12-2016PhD Result of Shakeba Farnaz - Zoologyicon_pdf
Notice16-12-2016PhD Result of Binod Kumar Pankaj - History icon_pdf
Notice18-12-2016Constitute the Visiting Team to visit the affiliated B Ed Colleges running under this university to ascertain non-existent facultyicon_pdf
Notice18-12-2016Constitute the Visiting Team to visit the affiliated BEd Colleges running under this university to ascertain non-existent facultyicon_pdf
Notice16-12-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-2569-2604-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-12-2016Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability to grant affiliation to Shyam School of Education - Kirtaul - Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice15-12-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-2411-45-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-12-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-2446-80-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-12-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-2500-2534-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-12-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-2535-68-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-12-2016Notification No- XC-20732-40-16 icon_pdf
Notice9-12-2016विश्वविद्यालय प्राँगण थाना के आवासीय-गैर आवासीय भवन निर्माण हेतु भूमि उपलब्ध कराने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice14-12-2016Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability for grant of Permanent Affiliation to U T Degree College - Chamtha - Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice14-12-2016Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability for granting affiliation to proposed Meghraj Memorial B Ed College - Teghra - Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice14-12-2016Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability for granting affiliation to proposed Tara College of Education Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice14-12-2016Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 21-12-2016 at 02-00 PM.icon_pdf
Notice26-11-2016PhD Result of Anand Kumar Priyadarshi - Sanskriticon_pdf
Notice10-12-2016PhD Result of Saroj Kumar Mishra - Psychologyicon_pdf
Letter9-12-2016Admission in PG Course in Concern Subjects-Session 2016-18icon_pdf
Notice09-12-2016Notification No- 10620-732-16 icon_pdf
Notice08-12-2016Corrigendum No- 10474-546-16 icon_pdf
Notice08-12-2016PhD Result of Arun Kumar Mishra - Commerceicon_pdf
Notice08-12-2016PhD Result of Sanjay Kumar Thakur - Managementicon_pdf
Letter08-12-2016Letter No- 15549-16 icon_pdf
Notice7-12-2016Constitute an Inspection Committee for verification about the status of the College in LCS College-Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice1-12-2016Notification No- XC-20075-95-16 Date- 01-12-2016icon_pdf
Notice05-12-2016PhD Result of Md Fozail Ahmad - Urduicon_pdf
Notice03-12-2016PhD Result of Surya Kant Kumar - Commerceicon_pdf
Notice02-12-2016PhD Result of Umesh Kumar Paswan - Political Scienceicon_pdf
Notice05-12-2016Programme and Centre for M Sc (Biotechnology) 1st Semester (Session 2016-18) and 3rd Semester (Session 2015-17)icon_pdf
Letter1-12-2016संविदा के आधार पर सेवा-विस्तार के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2016बी0 एड0 2015-17 के प्रथम वर्ष की परीक्षा प्रपत्र भरने की तिथि से संबंधित सूचना।icon_pdf
Notice25-11-2016विकसित बिहार के सात निश्चयों के अधीन राज्य के महाविद्यालयों तथा विश्वविद्यालयों एवं प्रमुख संस्थानों में निःशुल्क वाई-फाई के माध्यम से इन्टरनेट की सुविधा उपलब्ध कराने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice22-11-2016Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility & viability for grant of Permanent Affiliation in the faculty of Social Sciece, Humanities and Commerce to Janta Degree College Korthu Darbhicon_pdf
Notice18-11-2016ल0 ना0 मि0 विश्वविद्यालय दरभंगा क्षेत्रान्तर्गत अंगीभूत एवं सम्बद्ध महाविद्यालयों के सभी प्रधानाचार्य&प्रभारी प्राचार्य की एक आवश्यक बैठक दिनांक 26&11&2016 को दिन में 11&30 बजे आहुत करने के संबंध मicon_pdf
Notice18-11-2016Constitute an enquiry committee to enquire into the allegations mentioned in complaint petitions of Sri Rohit Kumar RTI Activisticon_pdf
Notice2-11-2016BOG and Project Monitoring Unit (RUSA) of H P S College, Madhepur, Madhubaniicon_pdf
Letter15-11-2016स्नातक प्रथम खण्ड (2015-16) में प्रतिष्ठा स्तर में बिना संबंधन के छात्रों का नामांकन किये जाने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Letter28-10-2016प्री० पी०एच० डी० कोर्स वर्क यू०जी०सी० - जे०आऱ०एफ० के शोध-छात्रों की सूचि अविलम्ब भेजने के सम्बन्ध में!icon_pdf
Notice22-10-2016सत्र 2016-17 में आयोजित अन्तर महाविद्यालय प्रतियोगिता के संशोधित आयोजन स्थल एवं तिथि के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice201-10-2016स्नातक प्रथम खंड परीक्षा 2016 के परीक्षा प्रपत्र एवं शुल्क जमा करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice20-10-2016प्रधानाचार्य एवं सचिव की एक आवश्यक बैठक आयोजित करने के सम्बन्ध में।icon_pdf
Notice19-10-2016appointment of dr vijay kumar as deputy director directorate of distance educationicon_pdf
Office Order18-10-2016constitute-the-igg-steering-committeeicon_pdf
Notice06-10-2016PhD Result of Shashi Shekhar Shrivastava - Psychologyicon_pdf
Notice05-10-2016PhD Result of Sangeeta Roy - Hindiicon_pdf
Notice06-10-2016PhD Result of Rishu Kumari - Economicsicon_pdf
Notice06-10-2016PhD Result of Pankaj Kumar - Hindiicon_pdf
Notice04-10-2016PhD Result of Kumari Susma - Hindiicon_pdf
Notice05-10-2016phd result of keyoor sociologyicon_pdf
Letter01-09-2016बीमित कर्मियों के नव अच्छे स्वास्थ्य (Good Health) प्रमाण - पत्र के संबंध में। (1)icon_pdf
Notice04-10-2016holiday noticeicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Md Murtuza Kamal - M K S College Trimuhan Chandauna Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Md Subhan - C M College Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Raj Kumar Mahto - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Smt Chanda Kumari - C M College Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Anil Kumar - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ashok Konwar - S B S S College - Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Bhola Jha - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Dashrath Kumar - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Mahendra Kumar Tuddu - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Mayanand Singh - B M A College Baheri Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Naresh Kumar Mahto - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Naresh Ram - LNMU.icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Rajendra Kamti - C M College Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Rajendra Kumar Jha (Retd) LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Aagar Thakur - Estate Officeicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Bahadur Bhagat - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Nath Ram - C M College Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Prakash Prasad - B R B College Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Sewak Thakur - Examination Departmenticon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Shankar Mishra - PG Department of Englishicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ram Sreengar Ram - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Ramanek Dwivedi - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Sachchidanand Pathak - K S College - Laheriasarai - Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Sachindra Prasad - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Sadanand Jha - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Satya Narayan Sinha - Examination Departmenticon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Shankar Kumar Singh - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Shyam Kishore Yadav - U P College Pusa Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice27-09-2016Promotion - Sri Sita Ram Pandit - R N A R College Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Sita Ram Yadav - Budget & Account Officeicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Srimohan Jha - PG Department of Urduicon_pdf
Notice27-09-2016Promotion - Sri Suman Paswan - U R College Rosera Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Suraj Kumar Choudhary - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Surendra Paswan - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Surendra Paswan-LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Sushil Prasad Singh - S B S S College Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Syed Rizwan Ahmad - Budget & Account Officeicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Trilok Nath Mishra (Retd)icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Vidyanand Jha - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Vinodanand Mishra (Retd) - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Promotion - Sri Virodh Ram - LNMUicon_pdf
Notice27-09-2016Promotion - Sri Yogendra Mahto - A N D College Shahpur Patori Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice27-09-2016Constitute an enquiry committee to inquire into-the-allegations-levelled-against-sri rohit kumar regarding pass off most important documents of marwari collegeicon_pdf
Notice23-09-2016Regularisation of Dr Sharda Sinha on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri M S Ahmad Baig on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Uday Chandra Mishra on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Shashi Shekhar Jha on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Shashi Kant Prasad singh on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Ram Sewak Singh on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Raghubansh Narayan kunwar-on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Jagat Narayan Roy on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Ganga Prasad Jha on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Devendra Roy on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Deo Narayan Mishra on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Chaudhary Abhay Nath jha on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Sri Birendra Nath Jha on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Smt Manjari Thakur on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Md A R Ansari on the Post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-20126Regularisation of Hari Mohan Jha on the post of assistant professoricon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016Regularisation of Dr M Ashraf Sadri on the
post of assistant professor
Notice24-09-2016Ph D Result of Vimal Kumar - Hindiicon_pdf
Notice23-09-2016Ph D Result of Ram Pravesh Ram - History.icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2016Constitute a Committee to compare the work icon_pdf
Notice26-09-2016स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड परीक्षा 2016 के विशेष प्रायोगिक परीक्षा के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice09-09-2016Admission noticeicon_pdf
Notice5-09-2016Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 08.09.2016 at 10 AMicon_pdf
Notice5-09-2016Appointment of Faculties - Computer Operator - Clerk etc in Institute of Library & Information Scienceicon_pdf
Notice03-09-2016Corrigendum No - 2781-2815-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-08-2016Ph D Result of Anshumita (Zoology)icon_pdf
Notice30-08-2016Ph D Result of Rashmi Rekha (Physics)icon_pdf
Letter01-09-2016Offie Order No- 2718-23-16 Date- 01-09-2016icon_pdf
Letter1-09-2016बीमित कर्मियों के नव अच्छे स्वास्थ्य (Good Health) प्रमाण - पत्र के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice1-09-2016Result of Advt No ILIS-BLIS-02-16icon_pdf
Notice27-08-2016Programme & Centre List for B Tech 4th Semester (Session 2013-17 Summer) Examinationicon_pdf
Notice26-08-2016Programme for B Tech (IT & CSE) 5th Semester (Session 2013-17) Practical - Viva-voce Examinationicon_pdf
Notice27-08-2016Notification No- XC-14665-80-16 icon_pdf
Letter30-08-2016सत्र 2016-19 में नामांकन हेतु विश्वविद्यालय द्वारा निर्धारित शुल्क के अनुपालन के संबंध में!icon_pdf
Notice31-08-2016Constitute an Enquiry Committee to enquire into the financial irregularities found in S B S S College - Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice29-08-2016Constitute an enquiry committee to examine all affiliated colleges including B Ed & Dental Colleges who does not fulfill norms and standardsicon_pdf
Resolutions of Syndicate 30-08-2016Resolution of Syndicate held on 17.08.2016.icon_pdf
Notice29-08-2016Constitute an Enquiry Committee to examine the allegation against one another by Dr Vidyanath Mishra and Dr Meera Mishra - PG Department of Sociologyicon_pdf
Notice29-08-2016विश्वविद्यालय की स्वीकृति के बिना नियुक्त कर्मियों को कार्य-मुक्त करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice27-08-2016PhD Result of Shalini Mishra (Hindi)icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1572-1605-16 icon_pdf
Notice26-08-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1559-71-16 icon_pdf
Notice29-08-2016Notification No- 2282-87-16 icon_pdf
Notice27-08-2016शोक प्रस्ताव - डॉ० अखलाकुर रहमान किदवईicon_pdf
Corrigendum26-08-2016Change of Name in the Expert Committee (Physical Verification - Womens Hostel)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016Ph D Result of Rekha Kumari (Home Science)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016PhD Result of Gunjan Kumari (Political Science)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016PhD Result of Navin Kumar Jha (Maithili)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016PhD Result of Nesar Ahmad Siddiquee (Urdu)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016PhD Result of Saba Masood (History)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016PhD Result of Shamratha Singh Rai (English)icon_pdf
Notice24-08-2016PhD Result of Supriya Kumari (Music)icon_pdf
Notice23-08-2016PG 3rd Semester (Practical & Viva - voce - Seminar) (Session - 2014-16) Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice23-08-2016PhD Result of Sunita Kumari (Home Science)icon_pdf
Notice20-08-2016PhD Result of Namita Narayan (Education)icon_pdf
Letter17-08-2016Regarding show-cause to mention the name of Prof Ramesh Singh in the list of Principalicon_pdf
Letter17-08-2016आउटसोर्स कर्मियों से कार्य नहीं लेने के सम्बन्ध में।icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2016Corrigendum No- 1896-1902-16 icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2016Constitute an Enquiry Committee to examine the allegation levelled against Sri Vikash Kumar - LDC - R K College - Madhubaniicon_pdf
Notice19-08-2016Constitute an Enquiry Committee to examine the case of not giving admit card to the student of R K College - Madhubani before commencement of Examinationicon_pdf
Notice19-08-2016Programme & Centre List for MBA 4th Semester (Session 2014-16) Examinationicon_pdf
Letter20-08-2016स्नातक प्रथम खण्ड के सत्र 2015-18 में नामांकित छात्र-छात्राओं के पंजीयन आवेदन-पत्र में अंकित सूचनाओं - प्रविष्ट की जाँच के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice17-08-2016Notice 20160817icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2016Programme for Practical & Viva-voce Examination of B Lib & Inf Sc Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice13-08-2016Programme for Practical & Viva-voce Examination of Degree - II Vocational (Hons) Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice12-08-2016Programme for M Ed First Semester (Session 2015-17) EPC-I Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2016Important Dates as Revised Schedule of On-line Admission in Degree - I (2016-17)icon_pdf
Notice12-08-2016Notification No- 4884-5022-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-08-2016नामांकन के समय समाज कल्याण कोष (एन0 एस0 एस0) शुल्क के रूप में सभी छात्र-छात्राओं से ली गई राशि जमा करने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Letter10-08-2016Letter from DSW L. N. M. U.icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2016Notification No- 1055-95-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2016Notification No- 1096-132-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2016Notification No- 1133-67-16 icon_pdf
Notice09-08-2016Notification No- 1514-19-16 icon_pdf
Notice03-08-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1238-53-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-08-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1259-70-16 icon_pdf
Notice3-08-2016Lok Sabha Research Fellowships 2016icon_pdf
Notice4-08-2016संशोधित-शोध प्रारूप स्वीकार करने के संबंध में
Notice30-07-2016Regarding Relieving of Dr Ashok Kumar Bachchanicon_pdf
Notice01-08-2016Programme and Centre List for L L B Part - II Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice01-08-2016Notification No- 1194-202-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-08-2016Notification No- 1203-10-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-08-2016Notification No- 1211-18-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-08-2016Notification No- Est-1196-1202-16 icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1209-1220-16 icon_pdf
Notice31-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1227-1236-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-08-2016Notification No- XC-10144-85-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-07-2016 Notification No XC-10079-95-16 icon_pdf
Notice29-07-2016Notification No - 842-75-16 icon_pdf
Letter28-07-2016Letter No- 145-245-S-16 icon_pdf
Notice 29-07-2016Notification No - 842-75-16 icon_pdf
Notice28-07-2016Notification No- UB-3465-3595-16 icon_pdf
Notice23-07-2016Notification No- 509-24-16 icon_pdf
Notice26-07-2016Notification No- 673-79-16 icon_pdf
Notice22-07-2016Notification No- 4891-98-16 icon_pdf
Notice27-07-2016Meeting of Syndicate held on 17-08-2016 at 2 PMicon_pdf
Notice25-07-2016Office Order No- 577-83-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-06-2016Proceedings of DRC in Faculty of Education held on 16-06-2016icon_pdf
Notice16-06-2016Proceedings of DRC in Faculty of Humanities held on 16-06-2016icon_pdf
Notice22-07-2016Notification No- 477-82-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-06-2016Notification No- 10109-26-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-07-2016Notification No- Est-979-83-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-07-2016Notification No- Est-984-89-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-804-13-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-814-25-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-826-37-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-838-49-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-850-61-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-862-73-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-874-85-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-886-97-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-898-909-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-910-21-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-922-33-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-934-45-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-946-57-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-07-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-958-69-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2016Notification No- 10729-36-16 icon_pdf
Notice14-07-2016Notification No - Est - 969-73-16 icon_pdf
Notice14-07-2016Notification No - Est - 964-68-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-07-2016Letter No - Est - 962-63-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-07-2016Letter No - Est - 959-60-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-07-2016Letter No - Est - 956-57-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-07-2016Letter No - Est - 953-54-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-07-2016Letter No - Est - 950-51-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-07-2016Letter No - Est - 947-48-16 icon_pdf
Notice13-07-2016Important Notice regarding CET-2016icon_pdf
Notice10-07-2016Notification No - LNMU - CCDC - 01 - CR - 753 - 802 - 16 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2016Notification No- Est-682-687-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-721-22-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-724-25-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-733-34-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-736-37-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-927-28-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-939-40-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-07-2016Letter No - Est-942-43-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2016Part-II, 2016 Noticeicon_pdf
Notice06-07-2016Programme & Center List P.G. 3rd Sem. 2014-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2016Notification No - XC-8231-45-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2016Notification No - 10411-20-16 icon_pdf
Notice02-07-2016Notification No - 10179-293-16 icon_pdf
Notice 02-07-2016Notification No - 10294-408-16 icon_pdf
Letter02-07-2016Show cause for publication of blasphemous material on WhatsApp group namely Dear Friend as Group Adminicon_pdf
Letter30-06-2016Letter No - 10036-40-16 icon_pdf
Letter02-07-2016Letter No - 10155-62-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-06-2016Notification No - 10052-61-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-06-2016Notification No - 10062-73-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-06-2016Notification No- 10041-51-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-06-2016Examination Programme for Conducting Part - II Examination 2016icon_pdf
Notice30-06-2016Centre List for Conducting Part - II Examination - 2016icon_pdf
Letter30-06-2016Letter No 10076-102-16 icon_pdf
Notice27-06-2016Notification No- XC-7678-90-16 icon_pdf
Notice28-06-2016Notification No- XC-7794-7805-16 icon_pdf
Corrigendum 28-06-2016Corrigendum No- 9980-91-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-06-2016Suggestions - Recommendations from students for a new name, acronym and logo for the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)icon_pdf
Notice23-06-2016Notification No- 9726-37-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-05-2016Notification No- 8193-8208-16 icon_pdf
Corrigendum24-06-2016Corrigendum No- 9520-14-16 icon_pdf
Notice23-06-2016Notice No- 9667-80-16 icon_pdf
Notice22-06-2016Notification No- XC-7231-7351-16 icon_pdf
Notice22-06-2016Notification No- 9650-57-16 icon_pdf
Notice22-06-2016Meeting of Academic Council Held on 28-06-2016 at 2 PMicon_pdf
Letter21-06-2016 Letter No- 9571-75-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-06-2016Notification No- XC-6818-35-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-06-2016Notification No- XC-6712-25-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-06-2016Notification No- XC - 6712 - 25 - 16 icon_pdf
Notice22-06-2016Meeting of Syndicate held on 30-06-2016 at 2 PMicon_pdf
Notice20-06-2016Notification No- 9501-09-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-06-2016Office Order No - 9328-9481-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-06-2016Notification No- 9198-243-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-06-2016Notification No- 9279-89-16 icon_pdf
Letter11-06-2016Letter From Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports - NSSicon_pdf
Notice10-06-2016Notice No- UB-2924-3010-16 icon_pdf
Notice09-06-2016Notice No- 8951-61-16 icon_pdf
Notice09-06-2016Notification No- XC-5586-600-16 icon_pdf
Notice07-06-2016Sensitization of Students on Human Rightsicon_pdf
Notice07-06-2016Graduation Part - II, 2016, Exam Noticeicon_pdf
Notice09-06-2016Regarding the modalities of Online Admissionicon_pdf
Notice08-06-2016Regarding Principals Meeting on 11-06-2016 at 2 PM-minicon_pdf
Letter06-06-2016Letter No- SW-1090-95-16 icon_pdf
Notice03-06-2016Notification No - SW-886-96-16 icon_pdf
Notice06-06-2016Submission of all relevant documents regarding 5859-96icon_pdf
Notice01-06-2016Notification No - XC-4248-78-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-06-2016Notification No - 8538-44-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-05-2016Notification No - XC - 3559-75-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-05-2016Notification No - XC-3369-90-16 icon_pdf
Notice18 - 05 - 2016Notification No - XC- 3451-60-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-05-2016Notification No - 7416-23-16 icon_pdf
Notice17 - 05 - 2016Notification No - 7339 - 45 - 16 icon_pdf
Notice17-05-2016Office Order No - LNMU-01-CR-425-531-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-05-2016Notification No - 7302-13-16 icon_pdf
Notice13-05-2016Notification No - 7102-08-16icon_pdf
Letter13-05-2016Letter No - 7118-191-16 icon_pdf
Letter9-05-2016NOC for proposed Dr L K V D B Ed College Rampura as an Extension Branch of Dr L K V D College Tajpuricon_pdf
Notice11-05-2016Notification No - 6925-32-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-05-2016Notification No - 6995-7002-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-05-2016Notification No - LNMU-I-C(Arts - Com) 01-CR-288-303-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-05-2016Submission of Documents regarding Declaration of Minority status of your institutionsicon_pdf
Notice12-05-2016Notification No - UB-2798-2922-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-05-2016Notification No - XC-2964-84-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2016Notification No - XC-2886-96-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-05-2016Notification No- XC-2868-77-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-05-2016Office Order No - 6657-68-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-05-2016Office Order No - 6671-83-16 icon_pdf
Letter 09-05-2016Office Order No - 6684-94-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-05-2016Office Order No - 6697-707-16 icon_pdf
Letter09-05-2016Office Order No - 6708-18-16 icon_pdf
Letter07-05-2016Office Order No - 6538-132-16icon_pdf
Notice06-05-2016Notification No - 6523-35-16 icon_pdf
Notice 06-05-2016Notification No - 6510-522-16 icon_pdf
Notice06-05-2016Notification No - 6472-507-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-04-2016Notification No - 5065-5076-16 icon_pdf
Notice06-05-2016Notification No - XC-2677-85-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-05-2016Notification No - 6382-6426-16 icon_pdf
Notice29-04-2016Notification No- XC-2255-85-16 icon_pdf
Notice03-05-2016Notification No - 6349-58-16 icon_pdf
Notice30-04-2016Notice No- UB-2694-2750-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-05-2016Notification icon_pdf
Notice28- 04-2016Notification No - 5996-6004-16 icon_pdf
Notice27-04-2016Notification No- 5985-93-16 icon_pdf
Letter21-04-2016Letter No 5560-602-16 icon_pdf
Notice27-04-2016Notification No- 6038-144-16- icon_pdf
Notice27-04-2016Notification No- 6145-53-16 icon_pdf
Notice22-04-2016Notification No- 3794170-81-16icon_pdf
Notice29-03-2016Important Notice No XC-33756-881-16 icon_pdf
Notice21-04-2016Corrigendum No- XC-1914-54-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-04-2016Notice No UB - 2644-92-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-04-2016Selection Committee - Meghraj Memorial B Ed College Phulwaria - 3 - Barauni- Begusaraiicon_pdf
Letter19-04-2016Letter No 5518-44-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-04-2016Notification No- SW-716-21-16 icon_pdf
Notice19/04/2016Regarding B Ed Admission Feeicon_pdf
Notice18/04/2016Nominations are invited for G N Ramachandran Gold Medal for Excellence in Biological Sciences & Technology 2016icon_pdf
Letter18/04/2016Corrigendum for Memo no.xc/1495-1615/16 dt. icon_pdf
Notice16-04-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1128-1166-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-04-2016Notification No- XC-1495-1615-16icon_pdf
Notice11-04-2016Notification No- XC-1049-1169-16 icon_pdf
Notice09-04-2016Notification No - 5262-68-16 icon_pdf
Notice08-04-2016Notification No- XC-723-35-16 icon_pdf
Notice08-04-2016Notification No- XC-723-35-16 icon_pdf
Notice06-04-2016Notification No- XC-545-60-16 icon_pdf
Notice06-04-2016Notification No- 5190-97-16 icon_pdf
Notice06-04-2016Notification No- 5157-64-16 icon_pdf
Letter 06-04-2016Letter No 5176-88-16 icon_pdf
Notice05-04-2016Information Regarding Pay Verification Cellicon_pdf
Notice05-04-2016Notification No- 5085-121-16 icon_pdf
Notice04-04-2016Prevention of Caste Based Discrimination in Higher Educational Institutionsicon_pdf
Notice02-04-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-02-37-16 icon_pdf
Notice02-04-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-38-51-16 icon_pdf
Notice02-04-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-52-62-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-04-2016Notice No UB-2642-16 icon_pdf
Notice 01-04-2016Notification No- XC-69-80-16 icon_pdf
Notice31-03-2016Notification No- 4903-33-16 icon_pdf
Notice31-03-2016Notification No- 4934-59-16 icon_pdf
Notice31-03-2016Notification No- 4960-64-16 icon_pdf
Notice 31-03-2016Notification No- 4806-67-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-03-2016Proceeding of Research Board (Faculty of Science) held on 20-07-2015icon_pdf
Letter19-03-2016Letter No - PIO-1049-50-16 icon_pdf
Notice28-03-2016Notification No- 4735-40-16 icon_pdf
Notice21-03-2016Notification No- 4644-4699-16 icon_pdf
Notice21-03-2016Notification No- XC-33379-505-16 icon_pdf
Letter19-03-2016Letter No - 4543-57-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-5405-5477-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2016Notification No- 4506-20-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2016Notification No- 4493-505-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2016Notification No- 4479-92-16icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2016Notification No- 4466-78-16 icon_pdf
Notice18-03-2016Notification No- 4454-65-16 icon_pdf
Notice19-03-2016Notification No- XC-33252-92-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-01-2016Notification No- XC-29767-890-16 icon_pdf
Notice16-03-2016Notification No - XC-32829-954-16 icon_pdf
Notice25-02-2016Notification No- XC-31994-32010-16icon_pdf
Notice 25-02-2016Notification No- XC-32019-32-16 icon_pdf
Notice23-02-2016Notification No- 2454-63-16 icon_pdf
Corrigendum15-02-2016Corrigendum No- 2239-51-16 icon_pdf
Notice15-03-2016Notification No- 3964-74-16 icon_pdf
Letter12-03-2016Selection Committee of G K P D College - Karpurigram - Samastipuricon_pdf
Office Order14-03-2016Office Order No- 3918-62-16 icon_pdf
Letter 04-03-2016Letter No - Press-135-42-15-16 icon_pdf
Notice14-03-2016Faculty Advertisementicon_pdf
Office Order10-03-2016Office Order No- DSW-558-87-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-03-2016Notice of Home Scienceicon_pdf
Notice09-03-2016To Provide requisite papers regarding appointment of Academic Staff in your Institutionicon_pdf
Notice09-03-2016Notification No- 3538-3636-16 icon_pdf
Notice 27-02-2016Notification No- 3009-15-16 icon_pdf
Letter03-03-2016Letter No 3364-67-16 icon_pdf
Notice 02-03-2016Notification No 3310-16-16 icon_pdf
Notice for Contract based 04-03-2016Advertisement-No-1-16icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1928-39-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1916-27-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1892-1903-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1868-79-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1856-67-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1844-55-16 icon_pdf
Office Order24-02-2016Office Order No- 2554-62-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-02-2016Office Order No- 2413-20-16 icon_pdf
Notice24-02-2016Notification No- XC-31715-65-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1940-51-16 Date- 10-02-2016icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1904-15-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1880-91-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1832-43-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1820-31-16 icon_pdf
Notice10-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-1808-19-16 icon_pdf
Notice 24-02-2016Notification No- 2527-36-16 icon_pdf
Corrigendum16-02-2016Corrigendum No- UB-2278-2429-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-02-2016Notification No- XC-31238-66-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-02-2016Notification No- XC-31190-205-16 icon_pdf
Notice14-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4788-4917-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-02-2016Notification No- 2148-56-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-02-2016Notice No- UB-2218-60-16 icon_pdf
Notice 08-02-2016 Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4686-4713-16icon_pdf
Notice08-02-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4657-85-16 icon_pdf
Notice07-02-2016Notice No- UB-1969-2002-16 icon_pdf
Notice07-02-2016Notification No- 1775-88-16 icon_pdf
Notice01-02-2016Notification No- XC-30631-45-16 icon_pdf
Letter28-01-2016Letter No-1235-49-16 icon_pdf
Corrigendum 27-01-2016Corrigendum No- 1170-81-16 icon_pdf
Notice23-01-2016Notification No- 892-98-16 icon_pdf
Notice29-01-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4614-42-16 icon_pdf
Notice29-01-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4585-4611-16 icon_pdf
Notice 29-01-2016Notification No- 1307-17-2016 icon_pdf
Notice28-01-2016Notification No- XC-30451-501-16 icon_pdf
Notice 28-01-2016Notification No- 1277-85-16 icon_pdf
Notice25-01-2016Notification No- 1926-2-16 icon_pdf
Notice25-01-2016Notification No- 1073-84-16 icon_pdf
Notice 25-01-2016Notification No- 1060-72-16 icon_pdf
Notice 25-01-2016Notification No- 1048-59-16 icon_pdf
Notice 25-01-2016Notification No- 1036-47-16 icon_pdf
Notice25-01-2016Notification No- 1024-35-16 icon_pdf
Notice 25-01-2016Notification No- 1011-23-16 icon_pdf
Notice 25-01-2016Notification No- XC-30295-335-16 icon_pdf
Notice21-01-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4549-4582-16 icon_pdf
Notice 21-01-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4514-4548-16
Notice21-01-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4418-4494-16 icon_pdf
Notice20-01-2016Notification No- XC-29727-47-16 icon_pdf
Notification15-01-2016Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4298-4412-16 icon_pdf
Notice14-01-2016Notification No- 593-604-16 icon_pdf
Notice 11-01-2016Notification No- 511-19-16 icon_pdf
Notice11-01-2016Notification No- 520-28-16 icon_pdf
Notice12-01-2016Notification No- 552-58-16 icon_pdf
Notice9-01-2016Notice regarding meeting of the Principals & Secretary of all B. Ed. Colleges on 13.01.2016icon_pdf
Notice 06-01-2016Notification No- XC-28841-50-16 icon_pdf
Notice 06-01-2016Notification No- 254-66-16- icon_pdf
Notice06-01-2016Notification No- 243-53-16 icon_pdf
Corrigendum 06-01-2016Corrigendum No- 225-34-16 icon_pdf
Notification 04-01-2016Notification No- 121-29-16 icon_pdf
Notice02-01-2016Notification No- 13-21-16 icon_pdf
Notice 31-12-2015Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4111-21-15 icon_pdf
Notice 30-12-2015Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-3077-3117-15 icon_pdf
Notice30-12-2015Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-4101-10-15- icon_pdf
Notice 23-12-2015Notification No- 19217-20-15icon_pdf
Important Notice23-12-2015Notification No- LNMU/DRI/01/CR-2919-3069icon_pdf
Notification 21-12-2015Notification No- 19038-47-15 icon_pdf
Notification19-12-2015Notification No- 19001-9-15 icon_pdf
Notification19-12-2015Notification No- 18028-19000-15 icon_pdf
Letter 19-12-2015Letter No- 17935-18005-15 icon_pdf
Notification18-12-2015Notification No- XC-27201-17-15 icon_pdf
Notification17-12-2015Notification No- 17873-84-15 icon_pdf
Notification15-12-2015Notification No- 17843-56-15 icon_pdf
Admission14-12-2015Application For Exemption From PRT And Admission In 6 Month Research Methodology Course Under PhD Programmeicon_pdf
Notification14-12-2015Notification No- XC-2706-120-15 icon_pdf
Notification14-12-2015Notification No- XC-26998-270015-15 icon_pdf
Notification12-12-2015Notification No- XC-26783-815-15 icon_pdf
Notification11-12-2015Notification No- XC-26608-58-15 icon_pdf
Notification10-12-2015Notification No- 17655-62-15 icon_pdf
Office Order Letter 10-12-2015Office Order Letter No- 17637-42-15 icon_pdf
Notice03-12-2015Notice No- 17335-41-15 icon_pdf
Notice03-12-2015Notice No- 17353-58-15 icon_pdf
Notification 03-12-2015Notification No- 17328-34-15 icon_pdf
Notification 02-12-2015Notice No- UB-1271-1315-15icon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Maulana Mazharul Haque Teacher's Training College - Mathurapur - Samastipuricon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Vedmati Bhabnath Chaudhary College of Education - Chanpura Basaitha - Benipatti - Madhubaniicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - St Paul Teacher's Training College Birshinghpur - Samastipuricon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - St Joseph's Mishri Singh V M T T College - M S V Nagar - Dalsinghsarai - Samastipuricon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Shyam School of Education - Vill- Kirtaul - Dist- Begusarai-minicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Mithila B Ed College - Shankarpur - Kansi (Lal Sahpur) Darbhangaicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Millat Teacher's Training College - Madhubaniicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Madhepur Teacher's Training College - Madhepur - Madhubani-minicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - M M Rahmani B Ed College - Damodarpur - Begusaraiicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - M B College of Education - Near Anarkothi - Rambhadrapur - Darbhanga-minicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Kiran Teacher's Training College - Madhepura - Pandaul - Madhubaniicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - J P Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya - Mathurapur Ghat - Samastipuricon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Fakhruddin Ali Ahmad T T College - Jibachghat West - Darbhangaicon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Bibi Fatima Teacher's Training College - Bikrampur Banday - Samastipuricon_pdf
Selection Committee2-12-2015Selection Committee - Al-Hasan Teacher's Training College - Chakbahauddin - Dalsinghsarai - Samastipuricon_pdf
Notification No- XC28-11-2015Notification No- XC-23687-737-15 icon_pdf
Notification24-11-2015Notification No- XC-23375-85-15icon_pdf
Notification24-11-2015Notification No- XC-23436-85-15 icon_pdf
Memo No- XC21-11-2015Memo No- XC-23209-25-15 icon_pdf
Notification13-11-2015Notification No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-2656-96-15icon_pdf
Office Order Letter 31-10-2015Office Order Letter No- 16482-536-15 Date- 31-10-2015icon_pdf
Letter No4-11-2015Letter No- PIO 813-14-15 icon_pdf
Notification2-11-2015Notification icon_pdf
20 Themes comprehensive policy document 2-11-201520 Themes comprehensive policy document under New Education Policyicon_pdf
Nomination Invited for Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Awards 201631-10-2015Nomination Invited for Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) Awards 2016icon_pdf
Office Order Letter27-10-2015Office Order Letter No- 16387-93-15 icon_pdf
Office Order Letter27-10-2015Office Order Letter No- 16373-79-15 icon_pdf
Notification12-10-2015Notification No- LNMU-1-C(Arts & Comm)-01-CR-2486-95-15 icon_pdf
Office Order 10-10-2015Office Order No- LNMU-DR-II-01-CR-2374-2481-15 icon_pdf
Notification 09-10-2015Notification No- 16187-93-15 icon_pdf
Letter08-10-2015Permission for admission of students in Degree courses in the faculties of Arts (Humanities & Social Sciences) and Commerce for the session 2015-16icon_pdf
Notification 08-10-2015Notification No- XC-21004-15-15 icon_pdf
Notification 07-10-2015Notification No- XC-20723-848-15 icon_pdf
Notification07-10-2015Sikhsha Pranali icon_pdf
Notification06-10-2015Notification No- 16049-56-15 icon_pdf
Notification06-10-2015Notification No- 16038-48-15 icon_pdf
Reformation in Teaching Learning 06-10-2015Reformation in Teaching Learning and Evaluation Processes in College of Bihar icon_pdf
Letter05-10-2015Office Order Letter No- 15976-16014-15 icon_pdf
Notification05-10-2015Notification No- 16027-37-15 icon_pdf
Notification03-10-2015Notification No- 15963-71-15 icon_pdf
Letter01-10-2015Grant of permission for provisional admission of students in B Ed course of M B College of Education Rambhadrapur - Darbhanga for the session 2015-17icon_pdf
Letter01-10-2015Grant of permission for provisional admission of students in B Ed course of J P Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya Mathurapur - Samastipur for the Session 2015-17icon_pdf
Letter01-10-2015Grant of permission for provisional admission of students in B Ed course of Shyam School of Education Kirtoul - Begusarai for the session 2015-17icon_pdf
Letter01-10-2015Second Announcement posters of XXXIX Indian Social Science Congress (For detail contact DO Office)icon_pdf
Notification28-09-2015Notification No- XC-20156-70-15 icon_pdf
Displeasure over the behavior of MBA 01-10-2015Displeasure over the behavior of MBA Examinees 2nd Semester - 2014-16 - Examination - 2015icon_pdf
Notification30-09-2015Notification No-15818-827-15icon_pdf
CORRIGENDUM30-09-2015CORRIGENDUM - Memo No- 15831-42-15 Date- 30-09-2015icon_pdf
Office Order Letter29-09-2015Office Order Letter No- 15640-52-15 icon_pdf
List of employees30-09-2015List of employees-whose Pension Family Pension Retireal benefits sanctioned in September 2015icon_pdf
Grant of permission29-09-2015Grant of permission for provisional admission of students in B B A Course for the session 2015icon_pdf
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