Notice06-01-2017 Notification No- XC-21322-372-18 icon_pdf
Notice12-12-2017 अभिषद् की बैठक दिनांक 12.12.2017 का कार्यवृत्त।icon_pdf
Notice14-12-2017 Notification No- UB-2726-77-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-12-2017 Corrigendum No- 18754-63-17 icon_pdf
Notice27-11-2017 Notification No- SC-4248-4368-17icon_pdf
Notice1-12-2017Notification No- SC-4587-4680-17icon_pdf
Notice30-11-2017 Notification No- XC-16563-80-17icon_pdf
Notice28-11-2017 A meeting of the committee regarding Inspection of the Affiliated-Constituent Degree Colleges to be held on 07-12-2017 at 11-30 AMicon_pdf
Notice28-11-2017The Meeting of Approval Seniority and Pay-fixation Committee to be held on 04-12-2017icon_pdf
Notice21-11-2017 Notification No- 17872-89-17icon_pdf
Notice13-11-2017 Notification No- 17704-09-17icon_pdf
Notice18-11-2017 Notification No- 17813-29-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2017 Notification No- 18044-103-17icon_pdf
Notice24-11-2017 Notification No- 18104-63-17icon_pdf
Notice16-11-2017 Notification No- LNMU-I-c(Arts & Com)-17745-52-17icon_pdf
Notice15-11-2017 Notification No- SC-3949-4070-17 icon_pdf
Notice13-11-2017 Notification No- SC-3902-3934-17icon_pdf
Notice03-11-2017 Notification No- 17311-20-17icon_pdf
Notice30-10-2017 Notification No- LNMU-DRII-01-CR-18447-588-17icon_pdf
Notice30-10-2017 Notification No- LNMU-DRII-01-CR-18598-609-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-11-2017 Notification No- XC-15010-60-17icon_pdf
Notice21-11-2017 Corrigendum No- UB-2021-54-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-09-2017 Notification No- SC-3498-3536-17 icon_pdf
Notice4-10-2017 Notification No- XC-14052-62-17 icon_pdf
Notice07-10-2017 Notification No- UB-1985-2020-17 icon_pdf
Notice12-10-2017 Notification No- XC-14646-56-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-10-2017 Notification No- SC-3620-52-17 icon_pdf
Notice25-08-2017 Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 08.10.2017 at G. D. College, Begusaraiicon_pdf
Notice25-08-2017 Recruitment of Junior Engineer (Civil) on Contractual basisicon_pdf
Notice22-08-2017 Corrigendum-No-13215-47-17icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Re-Notification (Part-I & Part-II)Examination 2017icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Selection Committee L K Mishra College of Teacher Education Dilli More Bela Darbhangaicon_pdf
Notice21-08-2017 Notification-No-13051-86-17icon_pdf
Notice19-08-2017 Notification-No-12976-13013-17icon_pdf
Notice17-08-2017 Notification-No-12435-567icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2017 Notification-No-12415-23-17icon_pdf
Notice16-08-2017 Notification-No-12404-12-17icon_pdf
Notice12-08-2017 Notification-No-12337-48-17icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Extension-for-PhD-DLitt-Registration of Veena in the Faculty of Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice17-08-2017 Corrigendum-No-12573-720-17icon_pdf
Notice18-08-2017 Notification Part-I, Examination 2017icon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017 स्नातक द्वितीय खण्ड परीक्षा, 2017 का परीक्षा प्रपत्र भरने के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice18-07-2017Notification No- SC-2672-82-17-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017 making Biometric Attendance System functional from July 1st 2017icon_pdf
Notice21-07-2017Nomate Members of Different Statutory Committeesicon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017Selection Committee - Sonawati College of Education - Bingama - Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017Workshop on Academic Excellence to be held on 03-08-2017icon_pdf
Notice25-07-2017Programme & Centre List for BA Part - III (Hons) Dissertation-viva-voce Examination 2017 of Sociology Paper - VIII (Session 2014-17) New Courseicon_pdf
Notice24-07-2017Notification No- SC-2903-2909-17icon_pdf
Notice22-07-2017Corrigendum No- XC-8857-85-17 icon_pdf
Notice21-07-2017Corrigendum No- 11639-50-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Corrigendum No- SC-2631-2642-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- 11043-48-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2462-2473-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2474-2485-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2486-2497-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2498-2509-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2510-2521-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2522-2533-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2534-2545-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2546-57-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2558-2569-17icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2570-2581-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2582-2593-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2594-2605-17 icon_pdf
Notice11-07-2017Notification No- SC-2606-2618-17 icon_pdf
Notice10-07-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Rakesh Kumar in the Faculty of Social Science icon_pdf
Notice10-07-2017Notification No- XC-7977-8020-17 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017A meeting of the Affiliation and New Teaching Programme Committee to be held on 14-07-2017icon_pdf
Notice22-06-2017Notification No- 10178-86-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-07-2017Notification No- 10541-52-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-07-2017Notification No- 10553-64-17 icon_pdf
Notice01-07-2017Notification No- 10565-77-17 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017Notification No- XC-6972-85-17 icon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017Meeting of Academic Council to be held on 17-07-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice04-07-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 25-07-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice28-06-2017UGC letter regarding Ceiling Prices of Coronary Stentsicon_pdf
Notice28-06-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Priti Priya in the Faculty of Social Scienceicon_pdf
Notice21-06-2017Notification No- 10107-43-17 icon_pdf
Notice21-06-2017Notification No- 10144 - 77 - 17 icon_pdf
Notice17-06-2017Notification No- XC - 6070 - 80 - 17 icon_pdf
Notice21-06-2017Corrigendum No- XC-6364-95-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Minutes of Principals Meeting held on 14-06-2017.jpg icon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Selection Committee to appointment-selection of the Faculty Member in Rameshwar Laxmi Mahto Teachers Training College - Rosera - Samastipur.jpgicon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Office Order No- Est-193-202-17 icon_pdf
Notice24-05-2017Notification No- XC-3748-70-17 icon_pdf
Notice23-05-2017Constitute a committee to look into the case of determination of Inter-se-seniority in between Prof Brahmdev Prasad Karyee and Dr Ramchandra Thakuricon_pdf
Notice20-05-2017Regarding authorisation of Prof-in-charge of H P S College Madhepur Madhubaniicon_pdf
Notice20-05-2017Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability regarding issuance of NOC to start B Ed Course in the light of NCTE regulations-2014 of Dr MSTT Collegeicon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC-3441-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC-3141-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC-3127-40-17 icon_pdf
Notice19-05-2017Notification No- XC - 3441-55-17 icon_pdf
Notice 19-05-2017Notice No- SC-1030-1075-17 icon_pdf
Notice18-05-2017पी0 आर0 टी0 - 2016 की पुनर्मूल्यांकित परीक्षाफल के प्रकाशन के संबंध में।icon_pdf
Notice18-05-2017Constitute a Committee to assist DSW for monitoring and ensuring the smooth and fair conduct of B Ed Exam (CET - 2017) and also the counselling of the students for admission in the saiicon_pdf
Notice18-05-2017A meeting of the Affiliation and New Teaching Programme Committee will be held on 22-05-2017 at 12-30 PMicon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Regarding Inspection of Mithila T T College - Basuara - Madhubani for additional intake in B Ed Courseicon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Notification No- 8348-58-17 icon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Constitute a committee to enquire into the allegations levelled by present prof-in-charge against the then Prof-in-charge CMJ College relating to misappropretion oficon_pdf
Notice15-05-2017Constitute a committee to examine into the matter relating to inter-se-seniority in between Dr S K Roy and Dr A K Sinha Dept of Botany Samastipur College Samastipuricon_pdf
Notice14-05-2017Constitute an Ad-hoc Committee in D N Y College to ensure the impletention of the decision of Hon'ble High Courticon_pdf
Notice13-05-2017Meeting of Syndicate to be held on 27-05-2017 at 02 PMicon_pdf
Notice11-05-2017Constitute an Inspection Team to examine the feasibility and viability for granting affiliation to proposed AND College-Samastipur from the Academic Session 2017-18 to conduct B Ed Couicon_pdf
Notice08-05-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Sunil Kumar in the Faculty of Scienceicon_pdf
Notice08-05-2017Extension for PhD-DLitt Registration of Shweta Kumari in the Faculty of Scienceicon_pdf