Pro-Vice Chancellor

Dr. Jai Gopal

L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar

Name Dr. Jai Gopal
Date of Birth 25.10.1954
Place of Birth Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Permanent Address C-58, Kendriya Vihar 2, Sector 25, Panchkula 134 119 (Haryana)
Qualification Year % Achieved University Subject/Topic of Specialization
Ph. D 1996 4.0/4.0 (OGPA) Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana Genetics-Biotechnology
Post Graduation 1977 3.83/4.0 (OGPA) Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana Genetics-Plant Breeding
Graduation 1975 71.1% Guru Nanak University, Amritsar Biology
Post Organization Duration Experience (in years and months)
From To
Director ICAR-Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research, Pune 09.01.2012 31.10.2016 4 years and 10 months
Principal Scientist (equivalent to Professor) ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla 27.07.1998 08.01.2012


16 years and 10 months
Senior Scientist(equivalent to Associate Professor) ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla 01.07.1984 26.07.1998 12 years and 1 month
Scientist (equivalent to Assistant Professor) ICAR-Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla 03.08.1978 30.06.1984 5 years and 11 months
Research Associate Punjab Agri. Univ. Ludhiana 21.11.1977 02.08.1978 8 months
Sl. No. Post Organization Duration
From To
1 Director ICAR-Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research, Pune 09.01.2012 31.10.2016
2 Head of Division Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla 24.05.2005 08.01.2012
3 Head of Regional Station Central Potato Research Station, Darjeeling 01.01.1986 26.01.1989

Visited more than 20 countries for academic and research related assignments. The important ones are listed below.

  1. Visiting Professor at Hokkaido University, Japan in two spells of total one year on JSPS Invitation Fellowship.
  2. Researcher at International Potato Center, Lima Peru as Visiting Associate of Third World Academy of Sciences and UNESCO in two spells of total 5 months.
  3. Panel Member (CGIAR, FAO) for External programme and management review of CIP, Lima, Peru for one full term and visited Peru and seven African countries.
  4. Task Force Member, FAO, Rome for Global Initiative on Plant breeding.
  5. Chaired/co-chaired scientific conferences/workshops and presented research papers in China, Germany, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Morocco.

Total 314; Hi index 19; i10 index 35; Citations >1200

List of Important Research Publications:

Gopal, J., P.C. Gaur and M.S. Rana, 1992. Early generation selection for agronomic characters in a potato breeding programme. Theor. Appl. Genet. 84: 709-713.

Gopal, J. 1994. Flowering behaviour, male sterility and berry setting in tetraploidSolanum tuberosum germplasm. Euphytica 72: 133-142.

Gopal, J., P.C. Gaur and M.S. Rana, 1994. Heritability, and intra- and inter- generation associations between tuber yield and its components in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Plant Breeding 112: 80-83.

Gopal, J. 1997. Progeny selection for agronomically important characters in early generations of potato breeding programmes. Theor. Appl. Genet. 95: 307-311.

Gopal, J. and J.L. Minocha, 1997. Effectiveness of selection at microtuber crop level in potato. Plant Breeding. 116: 293-295.

Gopal, J. and J.L. Minocha, 1997. Genetic divergence for cross prediction in potato. Euphytica. 97: 269-275.

Gopal, J., J.L. Minocha and J. S. Sidhu, 1997. Comparative performance of potato crops raised from microtubers induced in dark versus microtubers induced in light. Potato Res. 40: 407-412.

Gopal, J. 1998. General combining ability and its repeatability in early generations of potato breeding programmes. Potato Res. 41: 21-28.

Gopal, J. 1998. Heterosis and combining ability analysis for resistance to early blight (Alternaria solani) in potato. Potato Res. 41: 311-317.

Gopal, J. 1998. Identification of superior parents and crosses in potato breeding programmes. Theor. Appl. Genet. 96: 287-293.

Gopal, J. and J.L. Minocha, 1998. Effectiveness of in vitro selection for agronomic characters in potato. Euphytica 103: 67-74.

Gopal, J., J.L. Minocha and H.S. Dhaliwal, 1998. Microtuberization in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Plant Cell Reports 17: 794-798.

Gopal, J., G.S. Chahal and J.L. Minocha, 2000. Progeny mean, heterosis and heterobeltiosis in Solanum tuberosum x tuberosum and S. tuberosum x andigena families under a short day sub-tropic environment. Potato Res. 43: 61-70.

Gopal, J. 2001. In vitro and in vivo genetic parameters and character association in potato. Euphytica 118: 145-151.

Gopal, J., Raj Kumar and GS Kang. 2002. Effectiveness of using a minitubers crop for selection for agronomic characters in potato breeding programmes. Potato Res. 45: 145-151

Gopal, J., Anjali Chamail and D. Sarkar. 2002. Slow-growth in vitro conservation of potato gemplasm at normal propagaton temperature. Potato Res. 45: 203-213.

Gopal, J. and B.P. Singh. 2003/04. Screening potatoes for resistance to late blight (Phytophthora infestans) under field conditions. Potato Res. 46: 47-56.

Gopal, J., Anjali Chamail and D. Sarkar. 2004. In vitro production of microtubers for conservation of potato germplasm: Effect of genotype, abscisic acid and sucrose. In Vitro Celluar and Development Biology –Plant 40: 485-490.

Gopal, J. and K. Oyama. 2005. Genetic base of Indian potato selections as revealed by pedigree analysis. Euphytica 142: 23-31.

Kumar, R and J. Gopal. 2006. Repeatability of progeny mean, combining ability, heterosis and heterobeltiosis in early generations of a potato breeding programme. Potato Res. 49: 131-141.

Gopal, J. and K. Iwama. 2007. In vitro screening against water-stress mediated through sorbitol and polyethylene glycol. Plant Cell Reports 26: 693-700.

Gopal, J., K. Iwama and Y.Jitsuyama. 2008. Effect of water stress mediated through agar on in vitro growth of potato. In vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Plant 44: 221-228.

Gopal, J., V. Kumar and S.K. Luthra. 2008. Top-cross vs. poly-cross as alternative to test-cross for estimating the general combining ability in potato. Plant Breeding 127: 441-445.

Tiwari J. K., Poonam, D. Sarkar, S.K. Pandey, J. Gopal and Raj Kumar. 2010. Molecular and morphological characterization of somatic hybrids between Solanum tuberosum L and S. etuberosum Lindl. Plant Cell Tiss. Organ Cult. 103: 175-187.

Gopal, J. and Nain S. Chauhan 2010. Slow-growth in vitro conservation of potato germplasm at low temperature. Potato Research 53: 141-145.

Kumar, R., G.S. Kang, S.K. Pandey and J. Gopal. 2011. Genetic base and relatedness of Indian early maturing potato (Solanum tuberosum) selections. J. Agricultural Science, Cambridge. 149: 217-225.

Sarkar. D., Jagesh K. Tiwari, Sushruti Sharma, Poonam, Sanjeev Sharma, J. Gopal, B.P. Singh, S.K. Luthra, S.K. Pandey and D. Pattanayak. 2011. Production and characterization of somatic hybrids between Solanum tuberosum L. and S. pinnatisectum Dun. Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 107: 427-440.

Patil V.U., J. Gopal and B.P. Singh. 2012. Improvement for bacterial wilt resistance in potato by conventional and biotechnological approaches. Agricultural Research 1: 299-316

Gopal, J. V. Kumar, R. Kumar and P. Mathur. 2013. Comparison of different approaches to establish a core collection of Andigena (Solanum tuberosum Group Andigena) potatoes. Potato Res 56: 85-98.

Gawande, S.J., V.S. Gurav, A.A. Ingle and J. Gopal. 2014. First report of Leek yellow stripe virus infecting Allium sativum in western India. Plant Disease. 98: 1015.

Anandan S., S.R. Mote and J. Gopal. 2014. Evaluation of onion varietal identity using SSR markers. Seed Sci. & Technology. 42: 279-285.

Gawande, S.J., V.S. Gurav, A.A. Ingle and J. Gopal. 2014. First report of Iris yellow spot virus infecting Allium tuberosum in India. Plant Disease. 98: 1161.

Gopal, J. 2014. Heterosis breeding in potato. Agricultural Research 3: 204-217.

Gawande, S.J., V.S. Gurav, A.A. Ingle D.P. Martin, R. Ashokan and J. Gopal. 2015. Sequence analysis of Indian Iris yellow spot virus ambisense genome segments: evidence of interspecies RNA recombination. Archives of Virology, DOI:10.1007/s00705-015-2354.

Uchino H., K. Iwama, Y. Jitsuyama, T. Yudate, S. Nakamura and J. Gopal. 2015. Interseeding a cover crop as a weed management tool is more compatible with soyabean than with maize in organic farming systems. Plant Production Sci. 18: 187-196.

Gopal, J. 2015. Challenges and way-forward in selection of superior parents, crosses and clones in potato breeding. Potato Res. 58: 165-188.

Manjunathgowda, D.C., J. Gopal, R. Archana and K. R. Asiya 2017. Virus-free seed production of garlic (Allium sativum L.): Status and Prospects. Int. J. Microbiol. Appl. Sci. 6 (6): 2446-2456.

Sl. No. Award/Fellowship etc. Year of Award Awarded by
1 ISGPB Fellow 1989-till date Indian Society of Genetics and Plant Breeding, New Delhi
2 Councillor 1981;91-92; 1997-98 Indian Potato Association, Shimla
3 MS Randhawa Medal 1995 Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana
4 Jawahar Lal Nehru Award 1997 Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi
5 Vasant Rao Naik Memorial Certificate of Merit 1998 Punjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidayapeeth, Akola
6 IPA Medal 1999 Indian Potato Association, Shimla
7 Convener (session) 1999 Global Potato Congress, New Delhi
8 TWAS-UNESCO Associate 2001-2003 Third World Academy of Sciences, Italy and UNESCO, Geneva
9 Chairman (Session)


2002 International Potato Conference, Hamburg, Germany
10 JSPS Fellow 2003- till date Japan Society for Promotion of Science, Tokyo
11 NAAS Fellow 2003-till date National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi
12 Dr. S. Ramanujam Merit Award 2004 Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
13 Chairman, International Potato Conference (Session) 2004 African Potato Association, Agadir, Morocco
14 Best Poster Award 2005 Indian Potato Association, Shimla
15 Processing Editor, Potato Research 2005-till date European Potato Association, Netherlands
16 Editor-in-chief 2006-2011 Indian Potato Association, Shimla
17 Panel Member, Science Council 2007 CGIAR, FAO, Rome
18 Recognition Award 2007-08 National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi
19 Chairman (Session, Invited)


2008 International Potato Conference, Brasov, Romania
20 Coordinator 2008 Global Potato Conference, New Delhi
21 Convener 2008 Global Potato Conference, New Delhi
22 Member Task Force II, GIPB 2008 FAO, Rome
23 Best Poster Award 2008 Indian Potato Association, Shimla
24 Distinguished Fellow 2008-till date Indian Potato Association, Shimla
25 Editor (Four Journals) 2008-2011 Global Science Books, UK
26 Life Member (ASCI) 2008-till date Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad
27 Editor-in-abroad 2009-2014 Japan Soc. Plant Production Science
28 IPA Gold Medal 2012 Indian Potato Association
29 Member, Agriculture Research Council 2012 Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth, Parbhani
30 Best paper award 2013 The Horticulture Society of India, New Delhi
31 Coordinator, Joint AGRISCO 2013-2015 Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, Rahuri
32 IPA Gold Medal 2014 Indian Potato Association, Shimla
33 Chairman, National Citrus Meet, Session: Climate 2013 NRC on Citrus, Nagpur
34 Chairman, Onion Parishad 2013 KVK, Naraingaon, Pune
35 Member, Advisory Committee, National Seminar 2013 Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwvidayala, Raipur
36 Member, Organizing Committee, National Seminar 2013 Indian Society of Vegetable Sciences, Varanasi
37 Member, Research Degree Committee 2013 Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut
38 President, Krishi Tantrogyan Mahotsava 2013 KVK, Naraingaon, Pune
39 Referee, Young Scientist Award Programme 2014 The Indian Science Congress, Kolkata
40 Co-Chair, National Conference Session 2014 Indian Institute of Vegetable Research, Varanasi
41 Member, National Advisory Committee, Natioanl Seminar 2014 NRC, Pomegranate, Solapur
42 Vice-President 2015 Indian Society of Alliums
44 Co-Chair, Technical Session 2015 PPV&FRA, New Delhi
45 Member, National Council of Agricultural Scientists 2016 Indian Council of Food and Agriculture
Sr. No. Position Duration

Years/No. of Times

1 Member, Institute Management Committee(CTCRI) 3 years Central Tuber Crop Research Institute, Thiruvanthpuram
2 Scientist In-charge, Farm Management 4 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
3 Member Secretary, Institute Technology Management Unit 4 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
4 Member, Institute Technology Management Committee 4 years Directorate of Mushrooms Research, Solan
5 Nodal officer, DUS test Scheme for potato (PPV & FR) 8 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
6 Coordinator, NATP project on True Potato seed 4 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
7 Coordinator, NATP project on Plant Biodiversity 5 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
8 Member, Institute Biosafety Committee 5 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
9 Member Secretary, Germplasm Registration Committee 6 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
10 Nodal Officer, Potato Germplasm (NBPGR) 6 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
11 Member Secretary, Scientist Meet 5 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
12 Member, Consultancy Cell 3 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
13 Member, Purchase Advisory Committee 3 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
14 Chief Liaison Officer, Parliamentary Standing Committee 1 time Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
15 Member, Library Advisory Committee 3 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
16 Member, PG Committee 6 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
17 Member, Hindi Committee 4 years Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
18 Member, Purchase Committee 5 years Central Potato Research Station, Jalandhar
19 Chairman/member, Selection Committee for DPC of staff & appointment of SRF/RAs 6 times Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
20 Director’s representative at ASRB selection committees 2 times Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla
21 Member, Project Screening and Evaluation Committee 3 years Himachal Pradesh Medicinal Plant Board, Shimla
22 Member, Scientific Advisory Committee 4 years KVK, Naraingaon, Pune
23 Member, Selection Committee, for SMS 1 time KVK, Naraingaon, Pune
24 Scientist Member, Managing Committee 4 years NHRDF, Nasik
25 Member, Selection Committee, Farm Superintendent, 1 time KVK, Babhaleshwar (Ahmednagar) (ICAR Nominee)
26 Member, DPC, ARS Scientists 3 times ICAR New Delhi
27 Chairman, DPC, ARS Scientists 1time NIASM, Baramati (ICAR Nominee)
  • Developed 12 varieties and 10 genetic stocks of potato which have been registered at the national level and are in use and cultivation. Among these are early bulking variety Kufri Pukhraj, wart immune variety Kufri Kanchan, late blight resistant potato varieties Kufri Shalija and Kufri Girdhari.
  • Developed 8 onion varieties which are in cultivation and a genetic stock which has been registered at the national level, Among these, Bhima Super and Bhimla Shakti are in great demand and licensed under public-private partnership.
  • Established the biggest potato gene bank of South Asia at the CPRI, Shimla. The collection has more than 3900 accessions of 120 cultivated and wild species which are being maintained in in-vitro as well in field gene banks.
  • Developed in-vitro conservation and microproapgtion protocols for potato, and used these in seed production and potato breeding.
  • Developed morphological descriptors for distinctness, uniformity, and stability tests of new varieties for registration as per UPOV guidelines.
  • Guided PhD students and conducted viva-voce of a number of post-graduate students.
  • Conducted External Programme Management and Research (EPMR) review of International Potato Centre (CIP) as a panel member of Science Council, CGIAR, and participated in face –to face Task Force 2 meeting of Global Initiative on Plant breeding, FAO, Rome.
  • Handled more than 20 mega programmes of research and development and involved in inter-disciplinary coordination, impact assessment and monitoring of various research programmes running in partnership with international and national institutes, universities and private organizations.
  • Worked as member secretary of many important national committees including the institute technology Management Committee, IPR and DUS testing committee, Institute Bio safety committee, store purchase, farm management, library strengthening, institute management and seminar/conference committees.
  • As Research Manager in the capacities of Director and Head of Division planned, coordinated, and monitored a large number of research and developmental projects. Funding proposals including EFC plans prepared, and presented, and expenditure plans implemented as per approved guidelines.
  • As Project Coordinator for All India Network Research Project on Onion and Garlic, which is running at 28 centers throughout India.
  • Organized a number of trainings, workshops, seminars, brain-storming sessions, farmers’ fairs, exhibitions, meetings including IRC, RAC, IMC etc. Brought out a number of documents including annual reports, review reports, Vision-2050, technical bulletins etc. Created infrastructure in terns of buildings, equipments, repositories, etc.

To help improve standard of education as judged from the fellowships, competitive grants and the level of placements achieved by the students.

To help improve the quality of research as judged from the commercial worth of the technologies and products developed and the citation index of the research publications.

To help improve the working environment and output of various activities of the university as judged from the adoption and value achieved by students, teachers, researchers and other stake holders including public.

To achieve above mentioned targets, high standard of honesty and integrity shall be maintained and directives of the Government shall be implemented in the best spirit without favour and enmity to anyone. Equal importance will be given to all disciplines and an interdisciplinary mode of working will be promoted. The frontier areas of education and research like biotechnology, computer science, nanotechnology, bioinformatics etc. will be promoted so as to generate centers of excellence in these fields with funding of projects from national and international education and research supporting agencies/organizations. Linkages will be established with other institutes.

I aspire to contribute to the all round development of the university so as to achieve a high ranking among the Indian universities.