Shri Phagu Chauhan

[email protected]

Prof. Surendra Pratap Singh

06272-222463, [email protected]
[email protected]

Prof. Dolly Sinha

8544513299 & [email protected]
Financial Advisor

Shri Kailash Ram

8544513256 & [email protected]
The Dean, Student's Welfare

Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav

9262362444 & [email protected]
Proctor / Sport Officer

Dr. Ajay Nath Jha

8544513620, 8544513271
[email protected], [email protected]

Dr. Mushtaque Ahmad

8544513253, [email protected]
Inspector of Colleges

Dr.Arun Kumar Singh

[email protected], [email protected]
Inspector of Colleges
( Arts & Commerce)

Prof. Ashok Kumar Mehta

[email protected], [email protected]
Finance Officer

Shri Rajan Kumar Sinha

[email protected]
Co-ordinator College
Develpoment Council (C.C.D.C.)

Dr. Mahesh Prasad Sinha

7903043012, [email protected]
IQAC Director

Dr. Md.Zeya Haider

9955038455, [email protected], [email protected]
Development Officer

Dr. Surendra Kumar

85445 13270, [email protected]
Controller of Examinations

Dr. Anand Mohan Mishra

9470730013, [email protected], [email protected]
Pension Officer

Dr.Suresh Paswan

7888628545, [email protected]
Public Information Officer

Dr.Naveen Kumar Singh

8544205484, [email protected]

Dr. Joyti Prabha

[email protected]

Dr. Manoj Kumar

[email protected]
Deputy Registrar–I

Dr. Kameshwar Paswan

9334415495, [email protected]
Deputy Registrar–II

Dr.Divya Rani Hansda

8544513255, [email protected]
Director, Department of Commerce & Busines Administration

Dr.Ajit Kumar Singh

9430897379, [email protected], [email protected]
NSS Co-ordinator-I

Dr.Binod Baitha

8544513268, [email protected]
NSS Co-ordinator -II
Prof-In-charge University Press

Dr. Anand Prakash Gupta

8544513269, 8544513269 [email protected], [email protected]
Estate Officer

Dr. Vijay Kumar Yadav

8444513272, [email protected]
Director, Institute of Foreign Language

Dr. Punita Jha

8544513286, [email protected]
Director M.K.S.Institute Science and Research Library(Raj Library)/ Director,Institute of Library & Information Science

Dr. Daman Kumar jha

7004760408, [email protected]
Co-ordinator, Department of Bio-technology

Dr. Sahnaz Jamil

8544513309, [email protected]
Law Officer

Dr. Sony Singh

7007338762, [email protected]
Medical Officer

Dr. Gitendra Thakur

8544513275, [email protected]
Prof.-In-charge (Central Library)

Dr.Daman Kumar Jha

7004760408, [email protected]
Director, Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics

Dr.Shishir Kumar Verma

University Engineer

Er. Krishna Kumar Sinha

8544513274, [email protected]
Director, Directorate of Distance Education

Prof. H. K Singh

[email protected]
Director, Women's Institute of Technology

Dr. B. S. Jha

8340379501, [email protected]
Director, Centre of Advance Research in Nano Science and Technology

Dr. Prem Mohan Mishra