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The Central Library is an open resource access academic library which has rich resources mainly in Social Sciences, Humanities, Sciences and Commerce etc. This Library is running under L.N.Mithila University, Darbhanga. It was established in 1972 for the purpose of providing facilities for the students, researchers and teachers to acquire knowledge. The Library has its own two-storey building and a very beautiful spacious campus and has a built area of about 40000 sq. ft. It is situated in Motimahal campus of the University and is the hub of all the academic activities of the University. It provides comprehensive access to books, journals, reports, e-journal/online databases, e-books, Sodhganga (Thesis) and dissertations.

Facilities for Reader

  • 1. Books are available for Students, Researchers and Teachers.
  • 2. Twelve types of Daily News papers are providing to the Reader.
  • 3. e-Books, e-Journals and e-Magazine facilities.
  • 4. Facilities of INFLIBNET is available in the Central Library.
  • 5. National Digital Library, Sugmya Pustakalaya (e-Learning) and other online database are available.
  • 6. 100 Computers available for e-Learning.
  • 7. Reading facilities with 100 seats available.
  • 8. Facilities of Braille Lipi is available.
  • 9. Plagiarism Verification Cell
  • 10. Thesis service.
  • 11. New addition Books service.
  • 12. Reference Service available
  • 13. Photo Copy Service (as per required)
  • 14. Circulation Service
  • 15. Wi-Fi facilities


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