Dr. Daman Kumar Jha

Mobile No-7004760408
Director, Institute of Library & Information Science,
LNMU, Darbhanga, Bihar

1. The Institute:

Library Science is a popular and job oriented subject among those students who are interested in managing the affairs of libraries at different levels. To fulfill the desire of such students, the Institute of Library & Information Science was established by L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga in 1976 in the light of UGC guidelines and teaching of B.Lib. Science was started.

In the year 2007, this institute started functioning as a self-financing institute. Main objective of this Institute is to promote quality education in the field of Library Science teaching & management and to extend the latest knowledge to all sections of the society.

2. Course:

The institute imparts teaching in Bachelor of Library & Information Science (BLIS) and the duration of the course is one academic year. It is proposed to start one year Master of Library & Information Science (MLIS) course.The degrees (BLIS, MLIS) will be awarded by L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga.

The name of the course/degree and its duration may be modified as per UGC/University norms on the advice of Managing Council and approval of University Authorities/Bodies.

3. List of Director:

i. Prof. Hira Lal Gupta (19.03.2007 to 01.03.2009)

ii. Dr. Rais Anwar Rahman (02.03.2009 to 07.10.2014)

iii. Dr. Uttam Lal Thakur (08.10.2014 to ……………) Mob.- 9430837237

iv. Dr. Ram Bharat Thakur Mob.- 9934759240

v. Prof. Vijoy Mishra Mob.- 9931997119

vi. Dr. Daman Kumar Jha

4. Teaching Staff:

1. Sri Gopal jha Mob.- 9771353634

2. Sri Ranjeet Kumar mahtoMob.- 8130214154

3. Sri Mithilesh Kumar Paswan Mob.- 9006617614

4. Sri Ganga Ram Prasad Mob.- 7004731912

5. Non-Teaching Staff:

3rd Grade 4th Grade
1. Shambhu Das – Office Assistant cum Computer Operator
Mob.- 9122830213
1. Lalbabu Yadav – Multi Tasking Staff
Mob.- 9798985126
2. Kumari Priti Srivastava – Library Assistant
Mob.- 9142171439
2. Suresh Paswan Multi Tasking Staff
Mob.- 9523218581

6. Starting a New Course:

Proposal for starting a new course like MLIS etc. will be initiated by the Institute after following the formalities and due procedures. The proposal to start M.LIS courses has been approved by all the statutory bodies like Academic Council , Syndicate and Senate.

Approval of the Hon’ble Chancellor, Universities of Bihar will be necessary for starting a New Course like MLIS. Which for the prayer has been made from time to time through Hon'ble V.C.

The syllabus of the above mentioned course will be prepared by a syllabus committee of Library Science approved by the managing council has been attached to the check -List Sent to Hon'ble Chancellor.

7. Admission to Courses:

Total number of seats for BLIS course will is 200/- and that for MLIS course will be 60. Number of seats will be increased by Managing Council and approval of Syndicate.

Minimum qualification for admission to the courses will is as follows :-

BLIS Graduation with at least 45% marks in any discipline

from a recognized University

MLIS BLIS with at least 50% marks from a recognized


8. Admission Procedure:

There will be an admission committee consisting of the DSW, One HOD and the Director of the Institute as Chairman.

Students will be selected for admission to BLIS/MLIS course as per the following procedure :-

(i) Merit List prepared on the basis of marks obtained at degree level and interview cum counseling for admission in B.LIS course.

(ii) Merit List prepared on the basis of marks obtained in B.LIS and interview cum counseling for admission in M.LIS course.


(i) Merit List prepared on the basis of written test to be conducted by the Director of the Institute for admission in B. LIS and M. LIS course.

9. Fee structure:

BLIS – Tuition Fee Rs. 15000/-

MLIS – Tuition Fee Rs. 18000/-

Admission form – For all courses Rs. 1000(BLIS) / 1100(MLIS)

Admission Fee – For all courses Rs. 2000/-

Library Fee – For all courses Rs. 750/-

Initiation charge – For all courses Rs. 2250/-

Fee structure may be revised by Managing Council.

Services of all the working Staff mentioned above have been regularized in the eight of sankalp of Govt. of Bihar..