About the Department

The University Department of Botany was established at Darbhanga in the year 1974. Initially, the teaching was started at C. M. Science College, Darbhanga but later the Department was shifted to an independent building in 1976. Since 1985, the Department is permanently functioning in the present building constructed out of grant received from the state government. The department of Botany is running M.Sc. (2 Yrs) programme alongwith Ph.D. programme with 12 research scholars. There are five broad specialization streams in the courses offered, viz, Environmental Biology, Plant pathology & Physiology & Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Cytogenetics & Plant Breeding.

The department has two laboratories possessing diverse forms of Algae (Terrestrial and acquatic algae from freshwater and marine habitats) Bryophytes, pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. Different classes of Fungi and several fungal disease materials are available for study. The laboratory and instrumentation facilities in the department include microscopy with Digital Research Microscope, and Light Microscopes, Gel Electrophoretic Units with accessories for DNA, RNA and Protein Analysis, PCR Thermocycler, Hot Air Oven, BOD incubator, Laminar Air Flow, Autoclave unit, Deep Freezer, Autoclave Vertical, Gas Sawpling kit,Respirable Dust sample, Hot Plate, Gas Chromatograph, Double Beam Spectrophotometer, Microprocessor Flame Photometer, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Toxin free water Purification system, Elecrode Based Digital PH Meter, Photosynthetic analyser, Electronic Soil Sawpling Kit and Water sawpling Kit. The department library fulfils the requirement of the faculty members and students.

The faculty members of the department have contributed to the scientific world through scientific research publications. The faculty members of the department have successfully conducted 14 Major Research Projects. One International Symposium and two National symposium were organized earlier.

Former HoDs

  1. Late Q.A. Haque
  2. A.K. Mishra
  3. J.S. Prasad
  4. Late T.K.S. Singh
  5. A.B. Prasad
  6. Jaykar Jha
  7. V.P. Singh
  8. C.N. Jha
  9. Prof. Abhay Kumar


Faculty Members

Sl. No.




E-mail id



Dr. Sahnaz Jamil

Professor & Head

8544513309 hodbotany@lnmu.ac.in


Dr. K. K. Sahu




Dr. R. N. Jha

Associate Professor



Dr. G. Prasad

Associate Professor



Achievements of Faculty Members

Dr. Abhay Kumar: Otained his Ph.D. degree in Phycology (Algal Biochemistry) Successfully guided several research scholars for their Ph.D. degree (06) Worked as Co-ordinator of Biotechnology, Samastipur College, Samastipur for about ten years. Published about two dozen papers and attended several National and International Seminar & Synopsis & Workshop. Also Published a book on Cytology, Organized a seminar on diabetes in Samastipur College, Samastipur.

Dr. K. K. Sahu: Completed Doctoral Research as UGC Teacher Fellow and at Phycological Laboratory, Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and studied various aspects of Cyanobacterial Physiology and Bio-chemistry. Successfully completed data-set for taxonomical analysis of Cyanobacteria using DELTA software under UGC Minor Research Project. Successfully supervised four (04) Ph.D. Thesis and published four (04) Research Paper and Two (02) Reviews Articles and published One (01) Book.

Dr. Ram Naresh Jha: Obtained Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Dr. A. N. Kargupta, Ph.D., F.B.S, UGC career awardee and eminent Phycologist, Professor of Botany in L. N. Mithila University. Dr. Jha has published a book entitled “Algal flora of Bihar (Zygnematacase) and all. Several research papers and review articles on taxonomy of freshwater algae. He has attended several symposia and seminars. He has discovered 44 new taxa so far.

Dr. Gajendra Prasad: Obtained his Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Prof. K. K. Sinha, Mycotoxicologist; Professor of Botany in T. M. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur. Dr. Prasad has published several research papers in National and International Journals of repute. Dr. Prasad has also worked on CSIR – Research Project as Senior Research Fellow, Research Associate ship & submitted 02-Final Technical Reports and review Paper also.

Student Statistics

Name of Course Applications received Selected Pass percentage
Male Female Male Female
M.Sc. Botany (Two Semester 29 16 13 90% 95%
Ph. D. students 05 01 04

Achievements of the Students

  1. Dr Indu Shekhar ThakurProf. Deptt of Environmental Biotechnology,J.N.U, New Delhi
  1. Dr R.K.Tiwari .Deputy Director, BSI, Kolkata
  1. Dr B.N.Chakravarty Prof & Head, North Bengal University Darjeeling (W.B.)
  1. Shri Krishna Mohan Thakur I.F.S. conservator of Forest, Lucknow (U.P.)
  1. Dr Bhav Nath Jha Joint director, Central Marine & salt Research Institute Bhavnagar, Gujrat
  1. Dr N.K.Shah Prof, T.M.Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur.
  1. Dr Md Naseem Ahmad Prof, B.R.A Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.
  1. Dr Balrani Singh B.N.Mandal University, Madhepura.
  1. Dr R.K.Mandal Controller of examination Patna University, Patna.

Research Scholars

Sl. No. Name Title of work Supervisor
01 Swati Kumari
Diversity, distribution and habitat preferences of Oedogoniales in N. Bihar. Dr. A. N. Kargupta
02 Shipra Kumari Diversity, distribution and habit preferences of Chaetophorales in North Bihar. Dr. A. N. Kargupta
03 Jyoti Kumari Diversity, Distribution and habitat preference of algal flora in L.N.M.U. and K.S.D. S. Campus. Dr. A. N. Kargupta
04 Ashwarya Attery
Physiological and Biochemical studies of some millets growing in North-Bihar. Dr. S. N. Choudhary
05 Sweta
Ethnobotanical and Morphogenic studies of some medicinal plants growing in North-Bihar. Dr. S. N. Choudhary
06 Kiran Kumari Karn
Study of Epiphytic Angiosperms and their physiological relationship growing in Brandabhar Forest Bharatpur, Nepal. Dr. Sheela
07 Nitu Kumari
Impacts of Phytohormones on Physiological and biochemical Processes in Aflatoxin B1 treated Maize seeds (Zea mays L.) Dr. Gajendra Prasad


Student Progression: Students Achievement/ Civil Services, etc.

1) Civil Services : 1. Shipre Kumari
2) NET : Nil
3) Other competitive exams : 25%

Seminar/Conferences/Workshop Organized

Programmes Organised

S.No. Name of the Programme Resource Persons No. of Beneficiaries Outcome
1 Summer Institute in Biology for Schools Teachers, 1977 Faculty members of the Department Teachers & Students of the University Enhancement of Knowledge
2 Refresher Course in Botany for College Teachers Faculty members of the Department
3 Satellite symposium International of Genetics Congress on Mutugenesis 1.Prof. V.L.Chopra, New Delhi Faculty members & students of the University Enhancement of Knowledge
2. Prof. G.M.Reddy,Osmaniea
3. Prof.P.C Keshwan,J.N.U
4 National seminar on Genetics & Human Health 1988 1. Prof. A. Mahadevan,Chennai
2.Prof. S.N.Patnaik, Utkal
3.Prof. A.R.Sharwan,Kolkata
5 National symposium on environmental mutagens and carcinogens: Mutagenecity of Toxic chemicals and XIV Annual conference of EMSI, 1989 1.Prof. P.K.Gupta,Merrut
2.Prof. R.P.Roy, Patna
3.Prof. G.P.Agarwal,Jabalpur
4.Prof. S.P.Roy Choudhary, BHU
6 National Seminar on Bio-diversity: Aspects & Prospects 2014 1.Prof. B.R.Choudhary,BHU
2.Dr. J.P.Keshari,Burdhwan

Infrastructural Facilities

A central Instrumentation Facility : Yes
Conference Hall : Yes
LNMU Core Pop : Yes
Library : Yes
Internet facilities for staff and students : Yes
Computer Lab : Yes
Total number of class rooms : 03
Class rooms with ICT facility : 01
Students’ laboratories : 03
Research laboratories : 01
Wash rooms : 05
Common room : 01
Facilities for Women : 01

Supporting Staff

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E-mail id



Hemant Kumar Jha

Computer Operator (Outsourced)



Yogendra Mallick