About the Department

Since establishment in 1974, the Department of History has been imparting historical knowledge of par excellence to students, research scholars and the society as a whole through teaching, writing, discourses, talks, extramural lectures, seminars, conferences and workshops. The Department has credit to promote the historical studies of Mithila region. It has also contributed much to the mainstream of historical studies of the country. Eminent historians of the country like Professor R. S. Sharma, Professor Vijay Kumar Thakur, Professor K. N. Panikkar, Professor D. N. Jha, Dr. Vivekanand Jha, Professor Aniruddha Ray, Professor J. N. Sarkar and others have visited the Department from time to time. Interaction with the esteemed historians and contributions to the historical studies are the regular feature of professional historians of the country like Indian History Congress, Mithila Itihas Sansthan, a well recognized organization of historical studies.

Regularly weekly seminar/quiz/elocution and tutorial and counselling classes are organized for students to develop their knowledge, skill and personality. Through a series of Ph. D. research projects in large number and archaeological survey of various sites of Mithila region, the department has not only promoted and explored the knowledge of history and culture of Mithila but also has elevated the cultural consciousness of the people of the region.

Former HoDs

  1. Prof. Chandrashekhar Jha
  2. Prof. Binaykrishna Roy
  3. Prof. Ambika Prasad Sharma
  4. Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra
  5. Prof. Sukeshwar Pd. Singh
  6. Prof. Tulakrishna Jha
  7. Prof. Shankar Jha
  8. Prof. Nand Kishore Singh
  9. Prof. Satyanarayan Thakur
  10. Prof. Bishwambhar Jha
  11. Prof. Kanchan Mala Thakur
  12. Prof. Prabhash Chandra Mishra
  13. Prof. Madhab Choudhary
  14. Professor Md. Nayyar Azam -----Continue

Faculty Members

Sl. No. Name Designation Mobile E-mail id Photo
1. Md. Nayyar Azam Professor & Head 9525834458 hodhistory@lnmu.ac.in
2. Dr. Indra Narayan Jha Associate Professor 9931906561 indranaryanjha57@gmail.com
2. Prof. Prabhash Chandra Mishra Professor 6534901098 prabhachandramishra1960@gmail.com
3. Dr. Manish Kumar Assistant Professor 9470649275 manishneora338@gmail.com
4. Dr. Amitabh Kumar Assistant Professor 9691302019 amitabh3512@gmail.com

Achievements of the Faculty

All the faculty members of the department are reputed teachers of history and their social, cultural and intellectual involvements are well recognized by local society. Professor Bishwambhar Jha and Dr. Dharmendra Kumar are identified Professional historian and hold posts in different distinguished organizations of the professional historians of the country. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar has been contributing to different local and national level seminars, conferences, conventions and public meetings through his lecture in different capacities such as chief guest, chief speaker and resource person. Dr. Kumar has also contributed much to Maithili lilterature by writing literacy articles, whereas Dr. Usha Kiran Jha of the Department is a reputed poetess of Hindi. Successful supervision of Ph. D. research projects by the faculty members has made the Department a high centre of regional historiography of Mithila. Two New faculty selected by BPSC has joined Dr. Amitabh Kumar & Dr. Manish KUmar has joined as Assistant Professor selected from the list of successful candidates of BPSC Merit list.

Student Statistics

Session Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI or Government rule SC ST OBC GEN OTHERS Number of Students admitted from the reserved category SC ST OBC GEN OTHERS
2015-16 19 01 40 60 20 60 29
2016-17 19 01 40 60 16 27 36
2017-18 19 01 40 60 14 36 27
2018-19 19 01 40 60 13 01 35 22
2019-20 19 01 40 60 25 51 37
2020-21 19 01 40 48 12 17 02 60 28 15

Achievements of the Students

A host of alumni of the Department are well placed in services of central and provincial administration, judiciary, universities and colleges as well as public and private enterprises. Some of the alumni has contributed remarkably in social, cultural and intellectual activities. In single L. N. Mithila University, atleast 22 alumni are serving as teachers in University Department and constituent colleges where as more than 80 are working in affiliated colleges of the University. Apart from LNMU service some of the distinguished alumni are as below;

  1. Shankardeo Jha, A distinguished litterateur of Maithili and Member Sahitya Akadami, Delhi
  2. Sri Taz Hasan, IPS
  3. Sri Birendra Kumar Jha, IPS , Railways
  4. Sri Manoj Kumar Jha, IAS
  5. Professor Brajkishore Pd. Singh, Chhattisgarh
  6. Sri Manoj Kumar Yadav, DSP
  7. C. B. P. Roy, Deptt. of History, R. K. Mission College, Kolkata
  8. Dr. Sharda Kumari Assistant Professor
  9. Jahan Ara DSP
  10. Dr. Amit Kumar Sinha Assistant Professor
  11. Dr. Jyoti Prabha
  12. Vivek Kumar Aman NET & Guest Assistant Professor
  13. Kundan Kumar - NET

Research Scholars

Sl. No. Name Title of Work Supervisor
01 BIGHNESH CHANDRA JHA  "Bihar me samajik tavavem rajnitik chetna ka vikash" Prof. Prabhash Chandra Mishra 
02 JUHEE JHA "Guptottar kalin sthaniya swayat shasan pranali" Prof. Prabhash Chandra Mishra 
03 SUMIT KUMAR    "Bhartiya shiksha me Swami Dayanand Saraswti ka yogdan"   DR. I.N. Jha
04 BIMALA KUMARI YADAV    "Nepal me loktantrik prakriyaon ka udabhav tatha vikas :Ek anushilan" DR. I.N.JHA 
05 ANUJ KUMAR  Mahatma GandhimKe Vicharo ki Prasangikta DR. DHARMENDRA KUMAR


Student Progression

Seminar/Conferences/Workshop Organized

Sl. No. Name of the Programme Resource Persons Beneficiaries Outcome
1. Collaborated to Organise 2nd Biennial Conference, Mithila Itihas Sansthan, MLSM College, Darbhanga 2-3 April, 2011 1. Prof. S. C. Mishra,

Delhi University

2. Prof. Baidyanath Labh Jammu University

3. Dr. Shailend Mohan Jha, Delhi University

4. Prof. Indra Kr. Choudhary, Ranchi University

5. Prof. Vishwa Mohan Jha, Delhi University

6. Prof. Hetukar Jha, Former HOD Sociology, Patna University

7. Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra Former, HOD, History LNMU, Darbhanga

8. Prof. Surendra Jha, SKM University Jharkhand

9. Prof. Bhojnandan Pd. Singh, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur

318 Various aspects of history & culture of Mithila explored and discussed and 242 papers presented there in
2. Directorate of Archeology, Government of Bihar, Sponsored Archaeological and historical survey of Mithila region was carried on by the students of the department under ‘………………….

………………….’, August, 2013

Under the supervision of Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Associate Professor, Department of History Directorate of Archeology, Government of Bihar. Different historical sites were explored and information collected
3. Workshop on Historical Methodology, 11-30, September, 2012 (UGC funded) 1. Prof. Ratneshwar Mishra Former, HOD, History

2. Prof. T. K. Jha Former HOD, History LNMU, Darbhanga

3. Prof. Atma Pd. Singh HOD History, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur

4. Prof. Shankar Jha, Former HOD History, LNMU

5. Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Department Kumar Department of History, LNMU

49 Young Scholars of the Department learned the skill and method of historical studies
4. International Seminar on “Indo-Nepal Relations: Retrospect & Prospect”, 22-23 Nov. 2014 1. Prof. S. N. Malakar JNU, Delhi

2. Prof. Baidyanath Labh Jammu University

3. Prof. Girish Pd. Singh Tribhuvan University, Nepal

4. Prof. I. K. Choudhary Ranchi University

5. Prof. Prafulla Kr. Singh ‘Maun’, BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur

6. Prof. S. N. Arya MU, Patna

7. Shri Mahendra Malangia Eminent Dramatist

361 279 papers presented and discussed on various dimensions of Indo-Nepal Relations, lively interaction and erudite lectures helped in developing mutual understanding and friendship.
5. One Day Seminar on History of Science 12th Feb, 2020 1. Prof. J.N. Sinha D.U

2. Prof. Dr. Dhamendra Kumar L.N.M.U

3. Prof.Dr. Manas Bihari Verma

248 Learned the method to break a new barrier in historical methodology .

Infrastructural Facilities

1. Class Rooms 02
2. Class Room with ICT 01
3. Books in Seminar Library 5672
4. D. thesis in Seminar Library 400
5. Wash Room 01
6. Staff Room 01
7. Computer Room 01
8. Library cum Office Room 01
9. Laptop 02
10. Desktop with Printer 01
11. Photo Copier 01
12. Camera 01
13. Projector with Screen 02
14. Overhead Projector 01
15. Public Speaking System 01

Supporting Staff

Sl. No. Name Designation Mobile E-mail id Photo
1. Nawina Kumari Assistant 8544049086
2. Ram Chandra Jha R.C 9939748970 jharam9876@gmail.com
3. Sukheshwar Prasad 4th Grade 9708421528