Public Information Officer

Dr. Sanjeet KumarJha
Public Information Officer, LNMU, Darbhanga, Bihar
+91 8700633856
Public Information Officer

Dr. N. K. Agrawal, working as Professor in the University Department of Mathematics at Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga has over 27 years of teaching experience. He has attended over 46 seminars/conferences. He has 27 paper publication to his name. He has co-authored the book CALCULUS (ISBN 978-93-5262-321-1) and linear Algebra (ISBN 978-93-5262-693-9) which were published by Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai. He has also authored “भारत की राजनीतिक व्यवस्था”(ISBN 978-81-7139-808-9) and “पंचायती राज व्यवस्था”(ISBN –
978-81-7139-810-2) which were published by Jnanada Prakashan (P&D), New Delhi.

As far as his research experience is concerned, he has guided over 14 Ph.D. research scholars, of whom 10 have been awarded with Ph.D. degree. He was also a member on the editorial board of the book “DARBHANGA : PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE” published by confederation of Indian Universities, New Delhi.
Dr. Agrawal is Elected member of Syndicate, L. N. Mithila University. He is also serving as Inspector of Colleges (Science) along with Nodal Officer (Statistics), Liaison Officer, NSS Coordinator and Public Information Officer. He had also served as Hostel Superintendent (P. G. Koshi Hostel) for 5 years. While serving as P.I.O; he was conferred upon “National R.T.I. Awareness Award” for the year 2015 and “National R.T.I. Promotion Award” for the year 2016 by the R.T.I. Institute of India, New Delhi. He was also awarded with “SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD”, “NATIONAL CLEANLINESS EDUCATION AND PROMOTION AWARD, 2016”, “THE EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS AND TESTING (TEST) AWARD 2017” by the National Institute of Cleanliness Education & Research, New Delhi and “TERTIARY EDUCATION EXCELLENCE AWARD 2016”, by the confederation of Indian Universities, New Delhi.

Dr. Agrawal has been member of various prestigious organizations such as Indian Science congress Association, Kolkata, India Mathematical Society,Teacher’s Movement, The Mathematical Society, BHU, Bihar Mathematical Society, ISMAMS, Indian Society of Gandhian Studies. He is the convenor of Darbhanga chapter for INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage), New Delhi. He has also been associated with samudai (NGO), which looks after various social welfare programs focused towards rural females.

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