raj lib


Brief History

The Library was Established By Dr. Mahamahopadhyay Sir Ganganath Jha (1885) As A Donation From Darbhanga Raj Family. It was renamed From “Raj Library” To Mahadhiraj Kameshwar Singh Library on 23rd Nov. 1975 And Subsequently Renamed As Mahadhiraj Kameshwar Singh Institute Of Social Science And Research Library.

Mission and Vision

1.To Promote Learning And Research On Different Subjects And Fields. 2.To Promote The Building Up Of Character In Youth By Making Religion And Ethics As An Integral Part Of Education By Regular Visit To Library. 3.To Facilitate Spread Of Quality General Knowledge On Ancient Antiquities. 4.To Serve As A Veichle For Delivering Educational Material And Scholarly Contents In A Peaceful


1. Advisory Committee Of 12 Members With Vice-Chancellor As Its Chairman.
2. Executive Committee Consist Of 9 Members Including The Director.
3. Executive Committee’s Resolutions After Getting Approved By Advisory Committee Are Place Before Academic Council, Senate And Syndicate As Per Need.

Present Status

1. Home Of 80,000 Old,Rare And Valuable Books Of Different Subjects.
2. Books On Foreign Languages Like French, German, Dutches, Spanish And Etc.
3. Rare Documents Like Gazetteers , British Parliamentary Debates , Encylopedia,Flora And Fauna Directory Of Extinct Animals

Faculty Member & Supporting Staffs

1. Dr. Bhaweshwar Singh Director M.K.S Institute Of Social Science And Research Library
2. Shri Indra Mohan Jha Library Incharge
3. Shri. Ramesh Mishra Routine Clerk
4. Shri Siddeshwar Paswan Book-Binder
5. Shri. Prakash Mahto Peon

Financial Assistance & Facilities

1. No Financial Support Is Provided By State/Central Government .
2. The Library Is Maintained By Internal Sources Of The University.
The Library offers following facilities :
  1. Reading Room
  2. Various Books
  3. Water
  4. Wash Room


1. Shri Deepak Kumar Mishra
North Eastern Hill University
2. Shri Devesh Sharma
Calcutta University
3. Dr. Swarna Rekha
Magadh University(Bodh Gaya)

4. Dr. D.K.Choubey
North Eastern Hill University
5. Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh
B.R.Ambedhkar Bihar University.Muzaffarpur
6. Smt. Kumari Nischay
L.N.Mithila University ,Darbhanga